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Tuesday, March 02, 2010
  Posted by Tony on 3/02/2010 01:55:00 PM :

       Star-Spangled Kid, you're my hero

The really annoying thing about the 1970s Justice Society was how they kept trying to "push" the Star-Spangled Kid.

He's kind of a sucky character. He's impulsive, green and not tremendously competent. He's the only one who's not outwardly sexist toward Power Girl, but he seems to think that should get him through her cleavage window.

And the bragging! He's always bragging about all the things he could do with the cosmic rod that he got from Starman.

(I mentioned Wildcat's kind of a dick in this, right?)

Anyway, here's the Kid using the cosmic rod to maintain Kent Nelson's grip on life, however that would work:

In this scene, it's making a pillow. The thing is seriously depicted as more powerful and versatile than Green Lantern's power ring.

This looks like a personal problem.

I think this would wake me up, too. Where's he putting that rod?

Then this -- I don't know what to say about this. Chomp?



is it Thomas writing this, or someone else as you indicated in the earlier post?

In any event, I'll come to the writer's defense by saying these are DC characters, golden age ones at that. Writing for them must be like trying to make bricks without straw.

By Blogger Craig, at 3/2/10 2:23 PM  

It wasn't Roy Thomas -- I'm fixing that.

The JSA didn't suck in the 1990s and 2000s ... it was pretty good, actually.

By Blogger Tony, at 3/2/10 2:30 PM  

If you want Roy Thomas JSA, head straight for the early 80s All-Star Squadron series.

By Blogger Craig, at 3/2/10 2:33 PM  

Yeah, that's what I thought I was getting. This is Paul Levitz and Gerry Conway.

I'll have to check that out.

By Blogger Tony, at 3/2/10 2:57 PM  

He even calls it a "cosmic marshmallow"! Wow.

Tony, I'm really enjoying these posts. Could this be another "Leave Geo-Force Alone" series in the making?

By Blogger Dara, at 3/2/10 6:14 PM  

Nah, this is the end of the tpb. Unless I track down the actual Roy Thomas stuff.

But for now, it ends with "CHOMP!"

By Blogger Tony, at 3/3/10 10:00 AM  

Back in the pre-crisis days when they had a JLA/JSA team-up every year, there was a memorable crossover with the All Star Squadron comic that I remember fondly. Might be worth checking out.

By Blogger Craig, at 3/3/10 10:22 AM  

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