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Tuesday, March 30, 2004
  Posted by Dara on 3/30/2004 02:26:00 PM :


A Little Something for Inkers...

Actually, for anyone interested in comic art and the role of the inker. Check out inker Drew Geraci's website for lots of cool behind-the-scenes looks at inking projects. His pencil-to-ink studies pages detail the process and are very informative. I like all the details and minutiae that I'd never even consider as a non-artist.

He also has a nice section of rarities and pin-ups that give a glimpse at the history behind certain unpublished projects like a Hellboy 70's adventure.

And just because we all love a bit of eye candy, here's a sample of Drew's inks over Greg Tocchini's pencils:

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  Posted by Tony on 3/30/2004 02:13:00 PM :


That's it for you

My ex-roommate scored passes to last night's "Hellboy" preview, and I'm pleased to report it made it to the silver screen more-or-less intact.

Watching it with a non comix reader I was struck by how simple it is. Hellboy faces a menace, he cracks some jokes, there's some subplot about free will, The End. It doesn't try to shoehorn in a big a message like "LXG", it doesn't get bogged down in exposition like "X-Men" and the jokes aren't cheesy like in some Schwarzenegger vehicles we could name. Like its title character, "Hellboy" just gets the job done.

One change I notice from the comics: I don't think the word "Hellboy" is ever spoken, and if it is it's only spoken once. Other characters always refer to him as "H.B.," "Red" or "that big red monkey." This seems to be a concession to non-comic book readers, and it's a good change. Let's face it -- "Hellboy" is kind of a silly name.

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  Posted by Dara on 3/30/2004 02:12:00 PM :


Liquid Fury

Shout out to another small press publisher with a very unusual and cool looking book: Legend of Liquid Fury at ARGHBRAIN.COM, by Kurt Christenson and Chris Chua.

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  Posted by Dara on 3/30/2004 02:09:00 PM :


Legal Pad Animation

This is awesome! It's called Robot Love. Check it!

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Monday, March 29, 2004
  Posted by Dara on 3/29/2004 01:21:00 PM :


Was The Laughing Ogre robbed?

Newsarama was posted the winners of Dark Horse Comics' HELLBOY STORE PROMOTION contest. There were 4 grand prize winners. Our own Laughing Ogre came in as a second place winner. Congrats to the Ogre as well as all the other winners.

The cool thing is there are several people on the thread that are saying the Ogre was "robbed" of the grand prize!

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Sunday, March 28, 2004
  Posted by Tom on 3/28/2004 04:26:00 PM :


A word about comic shops...

_Those who haven't seen it... Rich Watson did an article on the comix scene here in Columbus. Comic shops always seem to under order or stop ordering comics after the first order. It's frustrating when one sees just how well the books do just at this one shop (i.e. the Ogre). This could be happening at every shop. Indie books being 'slow burner's' aren't being reordered at shows or thru distributers. I won't mention names of certain retailers but they'll only pick up new books. Some will only buy one or two copies of new stuff and not pick up any back issues. And these are the 'indy friendly' shops?? How do they stay in buisness if all they have is one copy of every comic on the rack. At least make a shopping list of the stuff that's selling when you go to shows. This is (in a lot of cases) our only source of distro. I think if every shop took on the policies of the Ogre we'd have a healthier market for indie's and self published works. Bust out of the magazine mentality of ordering. We aren't Good Housekeeping or Maxim (uhhhh bad example in some cases.... Lady Death)

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Friday, March 26, 2004
  Posted by Tony on 3/26/2004 11:37:00 AM :


Oval Office Space

ExxonMobil ReHash Theatre presents: Oval Office Space

BUSH: Heeeey Clarke. Whaaaat�s happening.

CLARKE: Uh, hi, Mr. President.

BUSH: We need to talk about your WMD reports. Yeeeeah�we�re really trying to punch up our Iraq intelligence. Did you get a copy of that memo?

CLARKE: Uh, yeah, I got it, right here. I�m sorry. I was going over all the intelligence and I just couldn�t find anything indicating that Iraq had any weapons of mass destruction�but I promise I�ll do better next time.

BUSH: Yeeeeah. It�s just that we�re really trying to make it clear that the U.S. was in imminent danger from Saddam Hussein and everything, and he might have had a connection to al-Qaeda...so if you could just start putting that in your WMD reports, that�d be great.

CLARKE: But I don't think that �

BUSH: And I�ll make sure you get another copy of that memo, m�kay? Thanks a bunch.

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Thursday, March 25, 2004
  Posted by Tom on 3/25/2004 05:33:00 PM :


For the locals::

Deader that Bela Lugosi's corpse...
_I got on good word that Outland is closing it's doors. The owner basically told the staff that this weekend would be their last. Always good for people watching this was an okay watering hole back in my college heydays (even after) It always took on a different persona depending on who I was with at the time. It was the only club I felt comfortable in. This is strange to say as at any given time someone is getting whipped out of the corner of my eye. It didn't have that meatmarket factor. Girls you would meet you definitely wouldn't wanna 'hook-up' with. Most people stayed within their clicks. Visits to that place have been pretty sporatic for me these past few years.
_You always wound up at Outland. I wouldn't say I've never planned to go to the club but they stay open till 4 or 5 in the morning. Friends sober up. Staring at girls in tight tight latex- that's what I'll miss the most. Corsets, and other mildly S+M happenings. I've never participated in any of that stuff but it was always fun from an outsider point of view. Like Stache's, another piece of nostalgia... gone.

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  Posted by Dara on 3/25/2004 04:23:00 PM :


It's good to know he can at least joke about it...

There was Bush looking under furniture in a fruitless, frustrating search. "Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be somewhere," he said.

It's like a TV sitcom. Only with war and death.

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  Posted by Dara on 3/25/2004 10:43:00 AM :



For some reason, I'm really looking forward to this limited-series by Joe Kelly and Ted McKeever:

Here's the high concept: "Creation of a new character never is easy, and in the case of Enginehead, it needed six parts, namely, other characters. The six individuals (nicknamed) cylinders who make up Enginehead are: Professor Emil Hamilton (from the Superman series), Automan (an older robotic hero who�s been in mothballs most recently), Rosie the Riveter (from Demolition Team), Dr. Cyber, Brainwave, and Ford Corrado (a new guy, created for the series).

The six are brought together by the Mechanic in order to make the ultimate sacrifice. �These characters go in, and Enginehead comes out,� Kelly said."

I don't know any of the characters involved, but i like the concept and McKeever's crazy art. Plus, I'm digging how DC is actively trying to create new characters (Monolith, Enginehead, the Focus line, more to come) whereas Marvel seems hell-bent on exploiting exisitng X-Men and Spider-man characters ad infinitum.

More info here.

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  Posted by Tony on 3/25/2004 09:35:00 AM :


I got a camera phone the other day -- yes, I gave in to rampant consumerism. I'm glad I did, though. Someone spray-painted "LIES" all over Republican Party Headquarters and your humble correspondent was there. If I can figure out how to send photos out, I'll post 'em up here.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2004
  Posted by Dara on 3/24/2004 10:04:00 AM :


Separated at birth?

Hey, remember that god-awful, nauseating, opportunistic, exploitative 9-11 "tribute" book from that hack Graig F. Weich called Civilian Justice? You know, the one with the American flag-clad vigilante killing an Arab terrorist? This one:

So...I just saw the list of free comics from the big publishers being offered for this year's FreeComicBookDay and here's CrossGen's new book:

by Chuck Dixon & Greg Land
Superstar artist Greg Land and master of action Chuck Dixon unleash America's new living weapons in the war against terror! They bomb civilians, hurt innocents, and spread fear. But those that have chosen to inflict pain will reap what they've sown! Now, the world's modern monsters will face a new, devastating and living arsenal! Supported by the technology, muscle and brainpower of the U.S. Armed Forces, the next stage in human evolution will scour the globe and deliver justice! Lock and load for high-stakes, high-explosive military action as the enhanced soldiers code-named Ivictus and Scapel strike!"


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  Posted by Sean McGurr on 3/24/2004 09:47:00 AM :


Alan Moore Retrospective/Watchmen Movie
Here is an article about an Alan Moore retrospective in Belgium that also interviews Alan Moore. The author also interview Moore and his opinions on films of his work. Interestingly, the writer mentions that a Watchmen movie will begin filming later this year. I've heard rumors of a movie for quite some time, but this is the first I've heard of filming. Say it ain't so.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2004
  Posted by Dara on 3/23/2004 04:13:00 PM :


More stuff for tech heads and 80's geeks...

This site has pictures, screen shots, manufacturer data, operator's manuals, and other info for over 4200 arcade machines!

"The KLOV� (Killer List of Videogames), the video-game department of The International Arcade Museum, has provided the Internet's largest database of coin-operated video-games since the earliest days of the Internet."

"The International Arcade MuseumTM is the world's largest museum of the art, inventions, and history of the amusement and coin-operated machine industries."

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  Posted by Dara on 3/23/2004 04:07:00 PM :


For you tech heads...

From an article on Wired.com: "Norman Yee, a professional photographer, has found it's cheaper to use a hard drive removed from a MuVo2 as a storage device in his camera instead of using a flash card...The Hitachi microdrive retails for about $500 when sold as a storage device for digital cameras. The MuVo2 costs about $200."

Complete with diagrams on how to cannibalize the MuVo2. Happy dissecting!

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Monday, March 22, 2004
  Posted by Tony on 3/22/2004 01:21:00 PM :




The Wexner Center presents the Splat Boom Pow! Cartoon Panel, featuring three of the most acclaimed cartoon artists working today, on Thursday, April 1 at 4:30 pm in the Wexner Center Film/Video Theater. They will participate in a spirited discussion of their work and current directions in the field; the event is free and open to the public, and a book signing will follow.

The panel is held in conjunction with the exhibition Splat Boom Pow! The Influence of Cartoons in Contemporary Art, on view at the Wexner Center Galleries at The Belmont Building, Spring Street and Neil Avenue in the Arena District (open until 9 pm that day). Note that the Cartoon Panel will be held at the Wexner Center Film/Video Theater, 1871 N. High St.


* Gary Panter is the �King of Punk Art� and Emmy Award-winning set designer for the Pee Wee�s Playhouse television show. Panter is also known for the comic Jimbo.

* Fantagraphics artist Peter Bagge is the author of the popular comic Hate and former editor of Weirdo, R. Crumb�s legendary magazine.

* Jessica Abel is another Fantagraphics artist, the author of the award-winning Artbabe comics series, and a talented cartoon journalist.

Moderator is Brian Rotman, professor in Ohio State�s Department of Comparative Studies.

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  Posted by Tony on 3/22/2004 09:50:00 AM :



Hey, out there in comic-book land. You can't tell, but behind the scenes things are humming on the third installment of Panel, "Panel:Space."

Over the weekend we exchanged a flurry of e-mails trying to nail down last-minute details: Someone needs to get the cover stock! We need a vote on the cover price! We need samples from peoples' stories! We need a head shot of Glenn! We need a sticker for the band! And so on.

It won't be long now ...

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Wednesday, March 17, 2004
  Posted by Tony on 3/17/2004 03:36:00 PM :


Well, shit

AAA: Gas approaches prewar highs

One year later, and gas isn't down to 5 cents a gallon yet? If this keeps up, I'm going to demand my civil liberties back.

(Incidentally, this is what Tony does all day)

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  Posted by Dara on 3/17/2004 01:43:00 PM :


More Photo References for Artists (HUGE!)

Ok, found a mondo extensive list of photo references on the Digital Webbing message boards, compiled by artist Joel Klampert.

We're talking everything under the sun: rotating models, ancient weapons, classic cars, nude female and male refs, landscapes, TONS 'O' GUNS, punk clothes, wild forshortening, space ships, horses, goth chicks, etc. etc. etc.

Plus links to lettering/coloring/inking tutorials. A great resource for you artists, check it out.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2004
  Posted by Tony on 3/16/2004 10:11:00 AM :


Strange Days

A week or so ago I was watching a rerun of "Will and Grace" on Fox, and during the credits they teased a news story for the 10 p.m. news -- "President Bush says he wants to ban gay marriages."

And adding another layer of wierdness, the newscaster was Gabe Spiegel.

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  Posted by Dara on 3/16/2004 09:18:00 AM :


Ultimate Big Screen Car

From a story at Sky News - "UCI surveyed 1,000 people to mark the release of the new Starsky and Hutch film, which features the detective duo's famous red and white Ford Gran Torino."

Here are the Top 10 movie cars:

1 Batmobile (Batman, 1989)
2 Aston Martin (Goldfinger, 1964)
3 Mini Cooper (The Italian Job, 1969)
4 Herbie (The Love Bug, 1969)
5 DeLorean (Back to the Future, 1985)
6 Greased Lightning (Grease, 1978)
7 Ford Mustang (Bullitt, 1968)
8 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, 1968)
9 Lotus Esprit (The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977)
10 Plymouth Fury (Christine, 1983)

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Monday, March 15, 2004
  Posted by Tony on 3/15/2004 10:16:00 AM :


Enough Already!

I heard from my friend T.J. yesterday for the first time in two years -- T.J.'s one of my old freaks-and-geeks friends from grade school. He's having baby No. 2.

I'm like, shit, now you're just showing off. You had sex. We get it.

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Friday, March 12, 2004
  Posted by Dara on 3/12/2004 01:42:00 PM :


Photo Reference Site for Artists

Looks like this is a good spot for all types of photo references: gettyimages.com

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  Posted by Dara on 3/12/2004 11:26:00 AM :


Brick and Mortar Comics Shops, Fear Amazon!

An e-mail received by a friend of mine who is on the Amazon mailing list, edited for length...

---------- Original Message ----------------------------------
From: "Amazon.com Book Editors"
Date: 11 Mar 2004 17:05:25 -0800

Amazon.com Delivers Comics & Graphic Novels

Visit the Comics & Graphic Novels Store

* Superheroes
* From the Funny Pages to You
* Little Pictures, Big Stories
* Much Ado over Manga
* Make Your Own
* More to Explore

Comics lovers, rejoice! In recent years, comic books have changed
from lurid, flimsy rags sold in the racks of newsstands to sturdier,
respected works of real literature. Titles like "Blankets,"
"Watchmen," and "Sandman" have blown away the format's perceived
limitations, and a wave of popular Japanese comics, or manga, has
exposed a whole new generation of readers to the possibilities of
comic books. We're proud to announce that Amazon.com has created a
Comics & Graphic Novels Store, where you'll find all the genre
has to offer--from superheroes and comic-strip characters to comedy
and drama. Visit our store today and discover the power of little

They're more than muscle-bound mutants in tights and capes--they're
superheroes. Whether you're seeking Wonder Woman, Superman, the
Green Lantern, or Spiderman, you'll find them all in our Comics
& Graphic Novels Store.

"Mythology: The DC Comics Art of Alex Ross"
"The Science of Superheroes" - Lois H. Gresh
"Catwoman: The Visual Guide" - Scott Beatty

Just because a story's delivered in a series of tiny pictures
doesn't make it a bad story. Fans of graphic novels know the medium
is the perfect vehicle for deep, thoughtful stories, heart-pounding
adventures, or classic weird tales.

"Persepolis : The Story of a Childhood" - Marjane Satrapi
"The Best of Ray Bradbury: The Graphic Novel" - Ray Bradbury
"Alex Ross Terminator: The Burning Earth" - Ron Fortier

Japanese graphic novels, or manga, with their big-eyed characters,
wild spiky hair-dos, and nubile young women, have become the biggest
trend in comics since the dawn of the superhero. Check out popular
titles like "YuYu Hakusho," "Dragonball Z," or "Yu-Gi-Oh!" to see
what all the fuss is about.

"YuYu Hakusho, Vol. 3" - Yoshihiro Togashi
"Yu-Gi-Oh!, Vol. 4" - Kazuki Takahashi
"Rurouni Kenshin, Vol. 3" - Nobuhiro Watsuki
"Saiyuki" - Kazuya Minekura
"Sgt. Frog, Book 1" - Mine Yoshizaki
"Fruits Basket, Book 1" - Natsuki Takaya

Sure, it's great to read manga by famous artists, but why not try
creating your own? Learn the tricks and techniques for drawing
first-class manga with instruction from the cartooning books found
in our Comics & Graphic Novels Store.

"Manga Madness" - David Okum
"Draw Your Own Manga: All the Basics" - Haruno Nagatomo


VIZ Manga and More

Whether you like your manga cute and cuddly, dark and scary, or
full of out-of-this-world adventure, the VIZ Manga & More Store
has the titles for you.


Hmm, lots of emphasis on the manag trades. No surprise there.

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Thursday, March 11, 2004
  Posted by Dara on 3/11/2004 05:10:00 PM :


More Fark

From another one of their funny Photoshop contests:

Added on 3/12 by darae: Another awesome "truth in advertising" entry from the same Fark contest:

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Wednesday, March 10, 2004
  Posted by Tony on 3/10/2004 09:32:00 AM :


Three-Headed Frog


(edited by Dara 3:10 PM to include a picture)

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Tuesday, March 09, 2004
  Posted by Tom on 3/09/2004 03:12:00 PM :


It's all over the boards- a drunk driver rammed into the Slave Labor offices this weekend. Here's the official word from the lovely Jen @ Slave labor

...Hello, kids. SLG's editor-in-chief Jennifer de Guzman here to bring you some news and allay fears that are possibly floating around. As you might have heard, the SLG office had a run-in with a drunk driver. At about one a.m. early Saturday morning, a drunken woman plowed her car through our front doors and windows, taking out part of the store and our editorial and production department. No one was in the office at the time, so no one was hurt. We don't anticipate any significant delays in production or shipping.

We're still a little dazed, but we're tough SOBs here at SLG, and this hasn't come close to knocking us over. We'll just need a little time to clean up and set things in something close to resembling order. As Dan just said to me, "You can drive a Honda Civic through the heart of our business, and all that we'll say is, 'Hand me a broom.'" Thank you, everyone, who has exressed concern for us.

Fortunately no one got hurt. Members from Panel will be flying down to console Jen 'personally'.

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  Posted by Tony on 3/09/2004 11:16:00 AM :


"I think I might move out west somewhere ... somewhere where people buy art as an investment, and not as a splurge."

Aspiring Columbus artist Shannon Fleet, on why she hasn't had any gallery shows lately. Quoted after yoga class, 3/7/2004.

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Monday, March 08, 2004
  Posted by Dara on 3/08/2004 06:12:00 PM :


So Diamond Rejected Two of Our Books...

And the form letter arrived today. There are 9 generic checkboxes for why they would turn down a product. Here are the 8 reasons they didn't reject BigCityBlues and Panel: Architecture...

* "Your product is not visual enough for our market..."
* "The artwork is too rough..."
* "The retail price of your product is too high."
* "The discount you offer is too low..."
* "The discount you offer, combined with the quality of the product, is insufficient to justify..."
* "The format that you have chosen for your product is unpopular with collectors and retailers...[goes on to reference 'mini-comics]"
* "You did not include a phone number..."
* "We require a full photo-copy or published sample of titles from new publishers..."

...and the one reason they stated why the books were rejected:

* "Our market is slow for this type of product at this time."

So the art was good (and presumably so was the writing, though they don't have a category for that), the price point was good, the discount was good (at 60% it better be!), the printing and format were good, and I even remembered to include my contact phone number. But the market just isn't there for an anthology book or a slice-of-life book?

Curse that slow market! I blame it all on Bush's economy! (that's a joke)


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  Posted by Dara on 3/08/2004 03:52:00 PM :


Dave Sim

I had no idea the man had "found god", and that it was through Islam.

What a strange and endlessly surprising world we live in...

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  Posted by Dara on 3/08/2004 02:51:00 PM :


So what do Inkers really do?

Of course we all know that they trace (put down your sharpened brushes, that was just a joke). Actually, they make a lot of decisions in regards to how best to reproduce the pencils. Brush vs. pen. Gritty vs. clean. And so forth.

And sometimes they do the job of the art corrections department by fixing continuity problems or even editorial mandates. For an interesting insight, take a look at inker Bob Almond's website, specifically this page of altered art. Lots of cool behind the scenes stuff.

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  Posted by Tony on 3/08/2004 12:02:00 PM :


The New Black is ... Black: Goth Subculture Turns 25

PHILADELPHIA, March 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Pop culture seems to have a new favorite focus: goth. This media attention has veteran goths arching their pierced eyebrows as they prepare to celebrate their subculture's twenty-fifth birthday.

(Photo: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20040308/PHM006 )

Goth music began as an offshoot of punk rock in Britain, with its birth date generally accepted as 1979. That year saw the release of "Bela Lugosi's Dead," a discordant, atmospheric, nine-minute single by a fledgling band named Bauhaus. Now, "Gothic music and fashion appeal to a lot of people who don't necessarily consider themselves goths," explains Annemarie Vayda of Asleep By Dawn, a gothic magazine with over 20,000 subscribers.

25 years later, goth has gone from underground to big business. Hot Topic, a chain that caters to goths, has nearly 500 stores and trades on NASDAQ, while clothes inspired by The Matrix can be seen on runways and in malls.

Goth music is a broad umbrella that covers such seemingly contradictory artists as ThouShaltNot, a Pittsburgh electronic band similar to Depeche Mode, and The Dreamside, a Dutch hard rock group more akin to Evanescence. "Goth music is like a big city," says Rick Joyce of Los Angeles band The Last Dance. "It has lots of little neighborhoods inside, some quite different from the others."

Part of the reason could be a lingering misconception about goth. "Premature news reports of the Columbine shootings incorrectly identified the perpetrators as goths," recalls Patrick Rodgers of Dancing Ferret Concerts. "We still get questions from concerned parents, but the answer is that the goth scene is non-violent. It's very laid back and artistic; it's a safe place for younger people." Rodgers' company operates the largest gothic events in the country, including Dracula's Ball. He estimates that 40% of his clientele is under 21.

The remaining 60% are a reminder of goth's true age. After 25 years, many have grown up in the subculture, going on to become doctors, lawyers, soldiers and even parents. Some of them are already handing down their Bauhaus records to their children.

Source: Asleep By Dawn Magazine

Web site: http://www.asleepbydawn.com/

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Friday, March 05, 2004
  Posted by Sean McGurr on 3/05/2004 10:53:00 AM :


Did You Like Lost in Translation
Bill Murray's character isn't the only celebrity to do cheesy ads in Japan. Check out some real commercials featuring Hollywood stars at Japander.com.

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Thursday, March 04, 2004
  Posted by Tony on 3/04/2004 10:03:00 AM :


'Overwhelmingly lethal, fully integrated'

If you happen to be at the Arnold Fitness Expo March 5-7, be sure to check out booths 110-112. There, Staff Sgt. Samuel Newland (a Chillicothe native) will model the latest in lethal fashions from the the Future Force Warrior project at the U.S. Army Research and Development Center in Natick, Mass.

As the FFW Web site puts it simply,

"FFW notional concepts seek to create a lightweight, overwhelmingly lethal, fully integrated individual combat system, including weapon, head-to-toe individual protection, netted communications, soldier worn power sources, and enhanced human performance. The program is aimed at providing unsurpassed individual & squad lethality, survivability, communications, and responsiveness � a formidable warrior in an invincible team. FFW will also be developed to be fully integrated with FCS (Future Combat System)."

Here's a link, and be sure to click on the brochure to get the full flavor:

I need to put this in a comic book before someone really invents it.

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Wednesday, March 03, 2004
  Posted by Dara on 3/03/2004 04:32:00 PM :


Alt Comix Toys

CritterBox.com is a toy company that makes dolls based on the works of decidedly non-mainstream creators like Dave Cooper and Tony Millionaire.

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  Posted by Dara on 3/03/2004 04:29:00 PM :


Rules for Writing

Gene Wolfe's rules for writers. (link courtesy of BoingBoing)

* At least every second speech should be identified: "Fred said.

* Cut adjectives, adverbs, similes and metaphors which do not shed light or develop the narrative voice.

* Try to have something interesting on every page.

* Give the reader small surprises: moments of humor, delightful metaphors, something that jolts.

* Resist the temptation to overexplain. Your readers are smart.

Plus more at the link.

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  Posted by Tony on 3/03/2004 09:50:00 AM :


"Street Chatter" from Schaeffer's Investment Research

Comic-book publisher Marvel Enterprises (NYSE:MVL) said this morning that fourth-quarter earnings-per-share totaled 18 cents, a penny above Wall Street's consensus estimate. MVL officials also declared a three-for-two stock split, which will occur on March 26 for shareholders of record by March 12. In other, less cheery news, the company said that, due to a tax rate of 41 percent, the firm's 2004 earnings-per-share would range between $1.23 and $1.37. Previously, MVL had projected a tax rate of 37 percent and subsequent earnings between $1.31 and $1.48 per share. MVL shares have slipped seven percent lower today but their uptrend, in place since September 2002, remains in tact. The stock is above its ascending 10-week moving average and even remains on top of its 10-day and 20-day moving averages. MVL has enjoyed a monster uptrend of late, increasing nine-fold over the past 18 months. As for the sentiment picture on MVL, there are still some bears in the woods. First, there are over nine million MVL shares sold short, which amounts to a short-interest ratio of more than 10 days to cover. Short interest on MVL has risen 352 percent since April. Next, SOIR for MVL has been settling gradually lower since reaching an annual high in October but the indicator's reading is still fairly pessimistic at 0.77, higher than 65 percent of the past year's worth of readings.

Click the following link to see the Weekly Chart of MVL Since August 2002 With 10-Week and 20-Week Moving Averages:

http://www.schaeffersresearch.com/wire?ID=9585 .

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Monday, March 01, 2004
  Posted by Dara on 3/01/2004 05:21:00 PM :


Booster Gold and Blue Beetle to be featured as well...

Check out some of the DC universe's lesser-known heroes set to appear in the 3rd season of the (newly renamed) Justice League Unlimited cartoon series:

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  Posted by Dara on 3/01/2004 04:31:00 PM :


The Strange and Paranoid Mind of Dave Sim

Facinating insight into the mind of Dave Sim, courtesy of a journal entry from of of The Onion's reporters (for their real a.v. club feature, not the made-up satirical stuff). She talks about her 40 minute phone conversation with Sim, just trying to setup an interview and being inundated with all sorts of paranoid reactions and impossible demands.

Excerpt: "He said he might be willing to do an interview via fax, and that I could fax him one question, and he'd see if he could possibly answer it in 4,000 words. We negotiated terms on and off throughout this entire conversation. What it comes down to is, he might be willing to answer our questions, but his answers must run uncut and unedited, and we have to assure him that we're going to run what he gives us � he's not writing on spec and giving us the right of refusal. I said that we couldn't operate without a backout clause; we weren't going to promise to run whatever he gave us, because if he really wanted to, he could send us 4,000 instances of the word "banana," and claim that we were obligated to print it. He said "I'm not going to give you anything unprintable." I said we'd need an opportunity to judge that."

Apparently her first mistake in trying to do an interview with Sim is that...well, she's a...she. One person responded with the following funny comment: "Why don't you just interview Gail Simone channeling Dave's "male (light)" voice? It'll be just as accurate and ten times more concise." But to her credit, the Onion reported seems quite level-headed and capable of handling herself and Sim. In response to a post asking "Has your list of interviewees gotten so short that you have dive into this particular smelly barrel and scrape?", she answers: "My basic thought on such things is, there are thousands of people out there whom we could interview who could tell us what it's like to direct a film, or act in a play, or compose a song, and most of them would sound pretty much the same. Dave Sim is the only person out there who can tell us what it's like to self-publish your own wholly idiosyncratic black-and-white comic book for 25 years straight while delivering massive polemics on esoteric issues, and from points of view that most people find indefensible. He's a wholly unique individual. And while you could argue that EVERYONE is wholly unique, and I'd have to agree, that doesn't mean they have wholly unique things to say. Dave does. So to my mind, it's worth wading through a lot of shit to get to that unique viewpoint. And I DO sometimes think that our list of potential totally-unique-viewpoint interview subjects has gotten pretty short."

(link courtesy of Lying in the Gutters)

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  Posted by Tony on 3/01/2004 04:03:00 PM :


You are Spider Jerusalem.
Spider is THE journalist of the future. He smokes,
he does drugs, and he kicks ass. The drugs are
going to eventually kill him but not before he
gets his way. And his way is the demise of the
failed American dream. Although full of hate,
he cares about his city. All he wants to bring
the world is truth. Spider Jerusalem,
conscience of the City. Frightening thought,
but he's the only one we've got.

What Gritty No Nonsense Comic Book Character are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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