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Articles and Interviews with Dara Naraghi and PANEL:
  • Writer's Talk - video of Dara and other Columbus comic creators interviewed on Writer's Talk, produced by The Ohio State University’s Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing.
  • SFBC interview - YouTube video of the Science Fiction Book Club's interview with Dara about the Witch & Wizard graphic novel
  • The Related Recap #239 - Chuck Moore interviews Dara on this podcast
  • Outhouse Podcast #32 - Podcast interview with Dara about his comics career
  • Comic Book Resources - Interviews Dara about IT! The Terror From Beyond Space
  • Underground Video Network - interviews Dara at the 2010 Gem City Comic Con (starts at 8:20 mark).
  • Fictional Frontiers radio show - features an interview with Dara (from the 13:00 mark until the 24:00 mark).
  • Blog@Newsarama - Interviews Dara about Ghostbusters: Tainted Love
  • The Other Paper - Article about Dara's Ghostbusters: Tainted Love
  • Alive - Columbus' weekly newspaper turns their "Alive & Unedited" spotlight on Dara
  • WCBE 90.5 (Central Ohio's NPR station) and WNJC 1360 AM (Fictional Frontiers show in Philadelphia) - radio interviews with Dara
  • MTV News, Newsarama, Comic Book Resources - interview Dara on his Terminator Salvation series
  • Newsarama - interviews Dara about the Igor movie prequel
  • Newsarama - interviews Dara about Lifelike
  • Blogging Ohio - shines the spotlight on Ferret Press
  • The Pulse - Comicon.com's news site previews Dara's webcomic Lifelike as part of their "Spotlight on Webcomics" feature
  • Broken Frontier - "Ferreting out the Truth," a Lowdown interview by Sam Moyerman
  • Ninth Art - Small Press Spotlight on Dara Naraghi.
  • The Pulse - Comicon.com's news site previews Dara and Adrian's story, "A Little Knowledge".
  • Small Press Nation - Columbus - Rich Watson article on the small press scene in Columbus, Ohio. Features interviews with Dara Naraghi and other creators.
  • ThisWeek newspaper - Feature article on Ferret Press and small press comics in Columbus, focusing on the Panel collaborative. Includes pictures.
  • Dayton Daily News - Small article about the Dayton Indy Show 2004, which featured Ferret Press creators at an in-store signing. Includes a picture.

PANEL: Sweet 16

Reviews of PANEL: Sweet 16
"There is a dark, cynical corner of my brain that is just itching to pounce on a crappy Panel anthology, one where they coast on the production value and the content for once. I’m not proud of it, but there it is. This particular issue of panel will be giving that corner of my brain no joy today." -- Kevin Bramer, Optical Sloth

PANEL: Movies

Reviews of PANEL: Movies
"The Matt Kish pieces were a bit of a highlight, as usual..." -- Kevin Bramer, Optical Sloth

PANEL: Horror

Reviews of PANEL: Horror
"They still put out a hell of a comic, as always…" -- Kevin Bramer, Optical Sloth


Reviews of Lifelike graphic novel
"Really inventive stuff." -- Sam Kieth, (The Maxx, Batman, Four Women)
"There are so many different visual styles here, and Naraghi is such a versatile storyteller, that they barely seem to be part of the same series, but there's something that links them together, a great storyteller's sensibility." -- Cory Doctorow, Nebula & Locus award-winning novelist
"...a book that is visually diverse but beautiful to look at, and held together by the strength of Naraghi's writing." -- Alan David Doane, Comic Book Galaxy
"There is no central theme beyond life, and it's presented here with a varied richness that I greatly enjoy. Fans of realistic fiction won't be disappointed." -- Wednesday Webcomic Weview
"Dara Naraghi weaves deliciously dark tales with unexpected twists and turns. Great stuff!" -- Derf, award-winning alt-indy cartoonist of "The City"

Igor movie prequel

Reviews of Igor movie prequel
"Naraghi puts forth some highly amusing and sincerely funny short stories that stand 101% on their own as clever, superbly told tales, and artist Bond simply does what he does best and the comic looks gloriously like fine-tuned animation on paper." -- Dave Baxter, Broken Frontier
"The book is accessible, entertaining and well-paced." -- Don MacPherson, Eye On Comics
"The book is accessible, entertaining and well-paced." -- Dan Grendell, Comic Pants


Reviews of PANEL: X
"Well, it's about damned time they got to sex...to these people and their committment to quality work, I wish more anthologies were as consistently enjoyable as these." -- Kevin Bramer, Optical Sloth

PANEL: Travel

Reviews of PANEL: Travel
"Another solid anthology..." -- Kevin Bramer, Optical Sloth
"I'd like to point out the excellent construction of Panel: Travel. The central theme of travel is perfectly captured. Travel looks exactly like a passport." -- Shawn Hoke, Size Matters


Reviews of PANEL: Luck
"Panel's number seven anthology is pretty lucky, because it's pretty strong from start to finish - certainly this team's strongest to date." -- J. Caleb Mozzocco, "Best Shots", Newsarama.com
"PANEL has stepped up its game. Check it out." -- Steven Grant, Writer/Columnist, ComicBookResources.com
"Once again it's a solid anthology, and I think three solid ones makes a pattern...Seriously, for an anthology, there's not a bad piece in here..." -- Kevin Bramer, Optical Sloth

PANEL: Music

Reviews of PANEL: Music
"It's rather ambitious to tell stories about music in a completely inaudible medium like sequential art, but that is exactly what the creators at Panel do with their 6th anthology...Once again the Panel collective has proven that all you need is enthusiasm and some good people around to do what you want." -- Sam Moyerman, BrokenFrontier.com

"...it brings the same combination of good art plus imaginative scripts that make of PANEL one of the most solid and best comic artist collectives I have known so far." -- Andr�s Indaburu, Almost Normal Comics

"PANEL remains one of the more adventurous mini-comics (for lack of a better term), sometimes trying to create comics that double as artifacts." -- Steven Grant, Writer/Columnist, ComicBookResources.com


Reviews of PANEL: Myth
"Any anthology that begins with a little lighthearted blasphemy warms my heart." -- Steven Grant, Writer/Columnist, ComicBookResources.com

"In the end, Panel #5: Myth is the perfect example of small press books. It contains some really good work by the creators, and somehow even the shortcomings have their own sense of charm. If you're interested in reading books by people who love and study the comic book medium, check this book out." -- Sam Moyerman, BrokenFrontier.com

"Myth is good and it doesn't loose its power or appeal no matter how many times [it] is read." -- Andr�s Indaburu, Almost Normal Comics


Reviews of PANEL: Home
"All of the stories are skillfully illustrated and well told...The aesthetic appeal alone of this comic reaches far beyond its interior pages making it much more than just another small press comic!" -- WEE, Almost Normal Comics

"Great stuff again, and I have two more issues of this to come to test my theory that these people really have their act together with the concept of the anthology." -- Kevin Bramer, Optical Sloth

"...loaded with consistently strong, stylistically varied work. This lively, enjoyable anthology gives exceptional value for your money. Other Panel offerings seem equally promising." -- Mike Hunter, Poopsheet Reviews

"...it has excellent production qualities...It's a pretty snazzy package." -- Shawn Hoke, Size Matters: The Mini-comics Blog

PANEL: Space

Reviews of PANEL: Space
"Inside, six unconnected pieces play and experiment with sequential art in a way that was so fulfilling to me as both a reader and creator, I was not just left hugely entertained - I was jealous! The stories are interesting, brave, and, best of all, totally accessible to all level of audience." -- A. David Lewis, Writer, BrokenFrontier.com

"Really the perfect anthology, as nothing was anything less than interesting, which leads to a great reading experience overall." -- Kevin Bramer, Optical Sloth

"Another entertaining theme anthology from Ferret..." -- Steven Grant, Writer/Columnist, ComicBookResources.com


Reviews of BigCityBlues
"Keep up the great work. Its labors-of-love like yours that keep this industry alive, growing and young!" -- Matt Wagner, Writer/Artist of Grendel

"...the selection of music makes a pretty good complement to the stories." -- Randy Lander, Antigravity, "Your New Orleans Music and Culture Alternative"

"Big City Blues is clear and crisp, every comic should aspire to be this easy to read." -- Jai Nitz, The Hustler @ The Pulse

"Naraghi moves fluidly between these small stories, mindful of the importance of small moments and details, treating the superheroes as just another natural condition, like Seattle rain or Kansas tornadoes...48 pages of thoughtful, ambitious comics isn�t a bad way to spend four dollars." -- Chris Allen, ComicBookGalaxy.com

"Even though I've had a number of criticisms, this is a good-quality independent publication with some real meat to it." -- Johanna Draper Carlson, ComicsWorthReading.com

"7/10...Naraghi has also put together a pretty interesting little offering for Big City Blues, something that is becoming more common in the indy circles of comics: a soundtrack." -- Randy Lander, TheFourthRail.com

"What would it be like to live in a world where superheroes actually existed? What would it be like if a supervillain could come hurtling out of the sky at any moment? And would everyone be in favor of superpowered humans taking the law into their own hands? Several have tried answering these questions, but few have done as well in such a short space as Dara Naraghi does in BIG CITY BLUES. If this is the sort of quality work we can expect from indie books nowadays, I may swear off the Big Two altogether." -- Tony Whitt, CINESCAPE magazine

"...Naraghi's plotting and dialogue are starting to pay off on the promise of earlier work. Worth a look." -- Steven Grant, Writer/Columnist, ComicBookResources.com

PANEL: Architecture

Reviews of PANEL: Architecture
"Panel is a strong anthology, offering up several different styles and voices. 7/10." -- Randy Lander, TheFourthRail.com

"I'll certainly keep my eyes open for further Panel anthologies from Ferret Press; this first one has proven that they're someone to watch." -- Greg McElhatton, iComics.com

"As with most anthologies, esp. those packing a number of pieces into standard comics space, these tend to be more vignettes than stories, but all are decent and a couple, particularly Tom Williams' "Columbine," are pretty good. Check it out." -- Steven Grant, Writer/Columnist, ComicBookResources.com

PANEL Comix Anthology vol. 1

Reviews of PANEL Comix Anthology vol. 1
"Comeback by Dara Naraghi and Tim McClurg is an evocative tale of a washed-up actor with a pleasingly bitter punchline, and Andy Bennett's Change creates a compelling mood with beautiful drawings and a simple narrative." -- Steve Omlid, Zine World #22

"PANEL is an awesome anthology of small press comics!...The layout and production quality of this comic is far superior to many titles circulating through the small press. Anyone with a desire to create their own comic should pick up a copy of PANEL and take notice of what can be achieved with time and talent!" -- WEE, Almost Normal Comics

"In all, this [book] succeeds in showcasing a range of creators. It has just enough self-contained material to warrant casual readers picking it up, and it is a must for publishers looking for talent or other creators looking for collaborators." -- Darren Schroeder, SilverBulletComicBooks.com

A Night at Oldfield's

Reviews of "A Night at Oldfield's"
"...although it's a wordy piece with huge blocks of text, the writing is honest and strong...A number of other features round out DWP #4, but 'A Night at Oldfields' is the strongest piece in the issue and makes it worth picking up." -- Alan David Doane, ComicBookGalaxy.com

"I think this is my favorite story this time around, and it is the most experimental in format...Dara tells a simple story about a normal date and it comes off as satisfying as anything else in the book. Well done." -- David LeBlanc, Comic Book Network Electronic Magazine, Issue #385

"I saw Dara Naraghi and Steve Black's 'A Night At Oldfield's' in photocopy a few months ago, and here it looks expressionistic, a vast improvement. The slice of life piece is nicely written too, more an illustrated story than a comic strip, giving the impression that Naraghi might ultimately be more comfortable as a novelist, but it's a good job." -- Steven Grant, Writer/Columnist, ComicBookResources.com

"The universal tone of the story would be enough to enable any reader to connect with it, but Naraghi's spot-on and honest narration draws one even further into his head." -- Don McPherson, TheFourthRail.com

AKA #1

AKA #2

Reviews of AKA
"The series is full of interesting investigative tricks, and the interplay between the two leads makes this more than just a regular detective story...I'm looking forward to the concluding issue #3. There aren't enough story-driven mystery books with likable characters on the market; AKA definitely fills that gap." -- Johanna Draper Carlson, Comics Worth Reading

"Naraghi and Black strike me as an extremely promising writer/artist team with great potential. I definitely want to see more of what they can do, and I'm looking forward to future issues of AKA." -- Alan David Doane, Comic Book Galaxy

"AKA is a fun book to read...Black and Naraghi have a good handle on the two characters Katie and Alison, so much so that I was surprised to see that the writer was a male." -- Shawn Hoke, BrokenFrontier.com

"The first thing that you notice about this book is the striking colour cover that has the look of a 50's children's book or a Norman Rockwell painting. The interior art is just as impressive." -- Darren Schroeder, SilverBulletComicBooks.com

"The writing in this story is excellent. The story moves along at the perfect pace yet still takes time to develop the characters in a compelling way too...I can't wait to read number two." -- Len Mihalovich, IndyUniverse.com

"Rather than an earth-shattering plot, the book relies on fun, believable dialogue coming out of fun, believable characters. Alison and Katie are wonderful, the type of characters readers will want to come back in a month to see again. The kind you want to get to know better." -- Matthew J. Phillion, TheSmallPress.com magazine

"After the first humorous scene that introduced them and their methods of dealing with problems, I was already in love with the characters, and that continued throughout, even as the plot deepened and got my attention as well...Naraghi really grabbed my attention with this story, not just with the dialogue and characters but with a plot that intrigues." -- Randy Lander, TheFourthRail.com

"Naraghi's got a great dialogue style. It lets the reader in on what s/he needs to know while not coming off as too heavy on exposition...Black mixes realism, simplicity and an inky, darker quality to arrive at a unique yet accessible [art] style" -- Don McPherson, TheFourthRail.com

"AKA is an attention grabber right off the bat. From its against-the-grain format of presentation to its beautifully rendered, painted cover (sort of a throw back), it stands out from the usual barrage of mainstream titles...Visual appeal and a solid read." -- Johnny B., TheSmallPress.com magazine

"Naraghi's got a nice feel for detective stories and a good ear for unforced dialogue..." -- Steven Grant, Writer/Columnist, ComicBookResources.com

"I found myself really caught up in the story. There's plenty of action and building anticipation of what's to come next. And the hard edge line drawing and heavy shadowing combine to give these books a unique look. I'm a sucker for a good old fashioned detective comic and that's exactly what you get with Ferret Press's AKA!" -- WEE, Almost Normal Comics

"AKA's extras are the dialogue between the two P.I.'s. Their long friendship and working relationship allows for entertaining interplay as they remind each other of the good, bad and funny experiences from other cases." -- Darren Schroeder, SilverBulletComicBooks.com

"Definitely something to check out, I look forward to the conclusion!" -- Ian Shires, Obscurity Unlimited, issue #20

"I like A.K.A.'s lead characters: private investigators Alison Albright and Katie Kristopher. Writer Dara Naraghi does a terrific job introducing them and portraying their different personalities." -- Tony Isabella, Writer/Columnist, Tony's Online Tips

"This is the highly believable tale of two young women on a quest to be detectives. The first thing that caught my eye was the characterization. It is simply brilliant! The cover art is actually from very detailed paintings versus pencils and inks." -- Rick Olney, Small Amazing Wonders

Unfortunately, as you'll see below we can't please everyone. But that's ok; different people, different tastes. However, I do think that Barb missed the point that AKA is a fun detective story focusing on two great friends and their humorous adventures, and not a realistic portrayal of hard-boiled investigators in a serious crime drama...

"Sure, I believe that male creators can write female characters as well as female creators can, but you wouldn't know it from this comic. Sadly, far from being strong, these two lead characters are two bumbling idiots, as well as somewhat offensive stereotypes. I apologize in advance to everyone for getting on my high horse about a self-published comic, but I was truly offended by this work and want you all to understand why..." -- Barb Lien-Cooper, Sequential Tart

[I do think that Barb missed the point that AKA is a fun detective story focusing on two great friends and their humorous adventures, and not a realistic portrayal of hard-boiled investigators in a serious crime drama. - Dara]

"The problem in reviewing this comic is in deciding where to begin. Does one start by criticizing the repulsive artwork? Perhaps the plot -- a mishmash of hackneyed contrivances pressed together like a Cuban sandwich made with rancid pork, stale cheese and day-old bread -- is in most dire need of attention...Any further analysis would only serve to make the critic feel worse than he already does. As it is, he has to go brush his teeth now, perhaps take a cold shower" -- Daniel Holloway , Dogsbody online review for The Comics Journal

[Holy shit, dude!. I...I don't even know what to say. I feel dirty! - Dara]

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