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I missed out on this series by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray when it first came out, but if I remember right, Craig was a fan. It was one of those odd DC books that was mostly creator owned, and didn’t interact much with the rest of the DC universe. So, of course, it only made it a year. But apparently the rights have reverted back to Palmiotti and Gray, and they’re reprinting the series (minus the 3-issue Batman crossover) through Image.

And here’s the cool part: the books will be done in “oversized European hardcover album” format, to better showcase Phil Winslade’s art.

Winslade’s one of those under appreciated artists, so it’s cool to see his work get this treatment. I’ll probably check this out once it’s out.

Hey kids, just wanted to let you know that I’ll be at The Laughing Ogre in Columbus, Ohio this Wednesday, October 12, from noon-2 pm signing copies of the CBLDF Liberty Annual 2011.

The Ogre is located at 4258 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43214. You can give them a call at (614) A-MR-OGRE.

I have a short story in the book, dealing with religious freedom, and as always, sales of the book will benefit the CBLDF’s fight against censorship.

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s Liberty Annual is a comics anthology feature big name comic book creators, as well as some up-and-coming young’uns such as yours truly, whose sale benefits the CBLDF. This year’s book is 48 full color pages, retailing for $5, and will be available mid-October from Image Comics.

This year’s book comes with two covers, from personal favorite Matt Wagner (featuring his Grendel character) and fan favorite John Cassaday (featuring Uncle Sam). Here’s the solicitation for the book:

CBLDF Liberty Annual 2011




48 PAGES / FC / M


Stand Up For Your Rights! Censorship is the ultimate form of bullying. Censors want to take away the power people have to think, speak, or create freely. In CBLDF LIBERTY ANNUAL 2011, Legendary Editor BOB SCHRECK gathers an all-star line-up of comics creators to stand up to those censoring bullies with 48 powerful pages of ALL NEW story and art about standing up for your rights! All proceeds from this book benefit the important First Amendment work of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, who’ve been fighting censorship in comics for 25 years!

This year’s Liberty Annual includes incredible contributions, including all-new original stories by superstars J. MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI, FRANK QUITELY, J.H. WILLIAMS III, STEVE NILES, JUDD WINICK, MARK WAID, and CARLA SPEED MCNEIL. Plus, new tales featuring GRENDEL by MATT WAGNER, COWBOY NINJA VIKING by AJ LIEBERMAN & RILEY ROSSMO, and ELEPHANTMEN by RICHARD STARKINGS & SHAKY KANE. Plus a massive, and first ever color story from indy comics master CRAIG THOMPSON! Even Marvel and DC have stepped up to show their support all-new pin-ups including BATMAN by DUSTIN NGUYEN, X-MEN by GREG LAND, GREEN LANTERN by IVAN REIS, and THE AVENGERS by GREG HORN!

All proceeds from CBLDF Liberty Annual 2011 will benefit the important First Amendment legal work of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of the First Amendment rights of the comics art form and its community of retailers, creators, publishers, librarians and readers.

My contribution is a 3-page autobiographical short on the topic of freedom of religion. Titled “The Conversion,” it deals with an incident that happened to me in Iran when I was a kid. Here’s a sneak peek at page 1, featuring the artwork of Christopher Mitten:

Please ask your retailer to save you a copy, and remember that it benefits the work of the fund in fighting censorship and protecting comic creators’ first amendment rights.

The nominees for the 2011 Eisner Awards, celebrating the best in comics and sequential art, have been announced. And check it: Trickster: Native American Tales, edited by friend-of-the-ferret Matt Dembicki is in the running for the “Best Anthology” category. This book also features artwork from our very own PANELista, Andy Bennett.

Congrats to both gents, and all the other nominees.

By the way, two of the stories from another anthology, Fractured Fables, have also been nominated in the “Best Short Story” category. But alas, neither one is my my contribution to that fine book (an Alice in Wonderland story I wrote, with art by Grant Bond).

Back when Young Dara was, well, young, his favorite genre was fantasy. He devoured all the sword & sorcery books at his local library. He watched all the straight-to-video fantasy movies. But over the years, he got bored with the genre. It was becoming rather repetitive and cliched. He tried different fantasy comics over the years, but again, none of them were really all that original or innovative.

That’s all changed with the arrival of Orc Stain, from Image Comics.

Created, written, drawn, colored, and lettered by James Stokoe, Orc Stain dumps all the trappings and tropes of the genre, and instead focuses on a world solely populated by Orcs. And when you have millions of savage, battle-hungry orcs, only the biggest and baddest of them get some recognition by having a number assigned to them upon their deaths. Forget about names. And so it is that we follow a young orc thief nicknamed “One-Eye” as he pilfers orc burial sites, trying to make a living. Little does he know that he somehow fits into a prophecy involving the Orctzar, one mean SOB who is managing to do what no other orc chieftain has done yet: conquer and unite the many disparate orc tribes.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that this comic is fairly light on plot and story. The tale unfolds at a very leisurely pace, and despite the supposed epic scale of the Orctzar’s plans, not much really happens in the grand scheme of things in the first 2 issues. But that’s ok, because what it lacks in those departments, it more than makes up for with its audacious artwork, wild ideas, and bizarre idiosyncrasies.

I find Stokoe’s art utterly charming, in a disturbing sort of way. Part Vaugh Bode cartoonish expressions, and part Geoff Darrow OCD details, he excells at fantastic landscapes and architecture, dynamic action, and insanely detailed garments and props. And those bright, vibrant colors! It’s refreshing to have a book all about orcs that doesn’t take the convenient and expected highway route of muddy browns and dark olives, instead opting for the scenic route of lush greens, crimsons, and pinks.

And then there’s Stokoe’s uniquely twisted take on even the most mundane objects and settings. Here’s our protagonist preparing to break into a bear safe. Sorry, a gurpa safe:

Or having a beer with the local crime boss:

It gets weirder still. There’s “krab smoking”, full-frontal orc and love-nymph nudity, and lots of talk about “gronch chopping” (I’ll let you figure out what a gronch is, and why an orc may not want to lose his). Even Stokoe’s sound effects are original: GX!, SPTZ!, KSH!, PNK!, PMKH! and others which look weird splattered dozens of times across a panel, but fit in perfectly with the book’s odd style. Reading the book, there is no doubt in the reader’s mind that this is the vision of one creator, having made the purest transition from Stokoe’s imagination to the printed page, with no middle-men diluting the creative elixer. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is utterly unique, and a breath of fresh air not just in the fantasy genre, but in comics in general.

Oh, and if you need one other incentive to give it a shot: 32 full color pages of story/art for $2.99. In this era of $4 comics that only deliver 22 pages of story, that is a true bargain.

Orc Stain. Check it out.

This week sees the release of the TPB collection of The Absurd Adventures of Archibald Aardvark: Bullets, Booze, and Beelzebub. It collects the 4 issues of Grant Bond’s surrealist/noir tale of murder and secrets…starring a talking aardvark. I wrote the 3rd issue, plus the 4th issue that only appears as part of this collection (and wraps up the murder mystery).

Plus, I wrote several 1-page gags, two of which feature the art of fellow PANEListas Tom Williams and Brent Bowman. So do yourself a favor and pick up a copy. It’s bizarre, funny, weird, and most probably unlike any other comics liable to be on the shelves this week.

Shipping this week: the final issue of my official Terminator Salvation movie prequel comic book.

Also available for pre-order via you local comic book store, the collected edition of Archibald Aardvark:


112 PAGES / 2C

Once the toast of Tinsel Town, faded movie star Archibald Aardvark has been slowly going insane trying to solve the brutal murder of his brother. But despite the hard drinking, womanizing and hallucinations, he’s managed to follow the trail from the dangerous streets of Little China, all the way to the boardroom of Neptune Studios…and finally reveal the TRUE identity of the killer!


The Archibald trade will feature one-page backup stories by our very own Tom Williams and Brent Bowman!

I know it’s short notice, but if you’d like to order this book through your local comic book store, you need to let them know by this Saturday, April 11. The Diamond order code is APR09 0352.

The fine folks at Comic Book Resources have a nice little article up about Archibald Chases the Dragon. Yours truly and artist Grant Bond talk about the origins of the book, and other zany topics.

“It’s for mature audiences, especially those who appreciate great artwork, a unique and skewed storytelling perspective, and a book unlike any on the stands right now. I know that’s a bold claim, but I’m serious. Take a look at the Archibald preview pages, then go down to your local comic shop and see if you can spot another book like this one. Also, if you’re a fan of opium dens from the olden days, you’ll dig this book. I’m just saying.”

Hey kids, run out to your favorite LCS (Local Comics Shop) and pick up a copy of Archibald Chases the Dragon, from the good folks at Image Comics. It’s created and drawn by the talented Grant Bond, written by yours truly, and also features a one-page backup strip by PANELista Tom Williams.

“Archibald takes the classic animation of Fleischer Studios and kicks it out a moving car in the middle of Roman Polanski’s Chinatown.”

Reminder: this here comic is only for mature readers (sorry kids!)

So you’re curious about my new one-shot from Image, Archibald Chases the Dragon, but you’re not sure if you should pre-order it? Well, how about some artwork from creator Grant Bond?

And how about an official press release from Image?


Archibald Aardvark returns in an all-new noir mystery !
October 2008 (Berkeley, CA) – Image Comics’ Shadowline presents an all-new mature readers adventure with the greatest unknown cartoon star of yesteryear, Archibald Aardvark, as ARCHIBALD CHASES THE DRAGON!
“As always, this one’s definitely not for the kids,” said Archibald Aardvark creator and artist Grant Bond. “Having Dara Naraghi take over the writing is perfect, as ARCHIBALD CHASES THE DRAGON puts a whole new spin on the murder behind the murder of Archibald’s brother.”

ARCHIBALD CHASES THE DRAGON is the third Archibald one-shot illustrated by Bond, following ARCHIBALD SAVES CHRISTMAS & ARCHIBALD SAVES EASTER, and the first written by Naraghi. This time around a tip-off about a long thought solved murder brings Archibald to Little China, in search of the mysterious “Compassionate Wind of Death”. However, it doesn’t take long before this noir tale of greed, secrets and a deal with the devil threatens to have Archibald fall victim to the red dragon haunting his dreams.

ARCHIBALD CHASES THE DRAGON (NOV082277), a 32-page two-color one-shot for $3.50, will be in stores January 7th, 2008.

Like it? If yes, then here’s the Diamond order code: NOV08 2277. Make us rich!

Ok, let’s take a break from politics and get back to comic books. Specifically, how you can support me in the lavish lifestyle I’ve grown accustomed to. That’s right, the life of a freelance comic book writer. I’ve got 2 new comics coming out in January, one from Image and another from IDW:

Archibald Chases the Dragon (Diamond order code NOV08 2277)

written by DARA NARAGHI
art & cover by GRANT BOND

Archibald Aardvark thought the murder of his brother was solved, but when a stranger tips him off to a cover-up, he travels to Little China in search of the mysterious “Compassionate Wind of Death”! This noir tale of greed, secrets, and a deal with the devil will have you deliciously anticipating if our hapless hero will survive long enough to stitch together a few answersOeor will he fall victim to the red dragon haunting his fevered dreams?

TAG: Archibald takes the classic animation of Fleischer Studios and kicks it out a moving car in the middle of Roman Polanski’s Chinatown.

Retailer Warning: Mature Readers only.

Terminator Salvation movie prequel #1 (of 4) (Diamond order code NOV08 4118)

Dara Naraghi (w) • Alan Robinson (a) • Nick Runge (c)

The year is 2018. With John Connor as the voice of the resistance, the scattered remnants of humanity find themselves united against their common enemy—Skynet and its Terminators. Through a patchwork system of radio transmitters, hacked satellite phones, and encrypted computer networks, resistance leader Elena Maric in Detroit and Nigerian mining engineer Bem Aworuwa have formed an unlikely friendship and drawn up battle plans to take the fight to the Terminators!

The time has finally come: Comic Book Tattoo comes out next week with a big rollout planned for San Diego.

This is a brief recap as more stuff keeps showing up in my inbox about this book: It was officially announced on Tori’s site that she’ll be on hand for the CBT signing in San Diego a while ago. Creators from the book will be at the Image booth throughout the show. There was a whopping 4 page interview with Rantz and Tori in last week’s CSN. CBR has also put up an ongoing CBT blog that will run till October. Featuring production blogs from the various creators on the book.

There will also be a panel discussion as well. Hosted by comics and music critic Douglas Wolk, and featuring discussion between Tori, editor Rantz Hoseley and several of the contributing creators on Saturday, July 26 from 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM. The book hits the DM next Wednesday. National rollout (book stores) is June 29th.

Rantz will also be on Dave Navarro’s show pimping the book in August. I didn’t even know Navarro had a show. I’ve gotten word that the limited slipcase edition’s sold out save a few copies that will be snapped up at San Diego. There’s also another book signing planned in August in California (Golden Apple, LA August 1st. 6pm).

I almost forgot, the Tori Amos anthology I’m in got solicited in May’s Previews. Do you like Ted McKeever, Dame Darcy, and David Mack? Do you want to help pay off my credit card debt? This book’s got a sampling from across the industry devide. Clocking in at a whopping 480 pages from Image Comics! ..and available in softcover, hardbound and a fancy limited slipcase leatherbound edition. If you’re going to San Diego, and you are a Tori fan.. I would suggest you find the book signing. Hint,hint.Here’s the ordering info..

Comic Book Tattoo. coming in July from Image Comics.
The trade is around $30. Hardbound is $50. Limited slipcase edition is $150. Format is 12x12in.

Diamond Order Nos.:
SC: MAY08 2163
HC: MAY08 2164
Ltd. Ed. S/N HC: MAY08 2165

The Tori fan blog has more postings about it. Previews and stuff. Unfortunately I can’t post any samplings of my stuff from it online.

Comic Book Resources rolled out their new look and it’s pretty sharp. My Tori editor, Rantz Hoseley talks with CBR about Comic Book Tattoo, Tori Amos, life and living it. New preview pages are up as well. Off to the left is the new cover art for it. Comic Book Tattoo is slated for release this summer.


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