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Archive for the ‘Terminator Salvation’ Category

OK, I’m sure my comic book involvement with the new Terminator movie franchise had nothing to do with this, but there’s new news related to the ill-fated movie. First, the production company behind Terminator Salvation had to file for bankruptcy protection, and now I hear that the Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park is shedding the Terminator Salvation branding from their expensive wooden coaster ride.

“The new-new name will be “Apocalypse” and the coaster itself will stay pretty much the same. But where Six Flags takes one in the pants, is they spent upwards of $1 million on the Terminator-themed intro in the queue. It included several animatronic Terminators and a training video featuring two of the film’s stars, Common and Moon Bloodgood.”

After I finished my movie prequel scripts, Halcyon and IDW were interested in doing more comics and asked me to pitch a 5-issue mini series made up of stand-alone stories. I came up with what I thought was a pretty good mix of stories, showing the human resistance operating all over the world, from the US to Japan to Iran. A couple of them tied in directly to the characters from the movie, including delving into the background of Blair Williams, played by the aforementioned Moon Bloodgood (what a name, by the way!) All involved parties liked the pitch and we were set to begin production, when Halcyon went under and with it went the comics series.

Oh well. Them’s the breaks.

My collaborator on the Terminator Salvation movie prequel, artist Alan Robinson, sent me this page of original art from the series:

This is page 15 from issue #3.

Thanks Alan!

By the way, believe it or not, Alan’s new gig is drawing a 6 issue mini-series for IDW based on the Weekly World News! Yeah, I know. Bizarre. Click on over to his website to see some of the art from that project.

This week, my Terminator Salvation movie prequel hit #6 on the New York Times Best Seller List, in the graphic novel category (paperback).

I’m humble enough to realize this has more to do with the high-profile property name than my actual writing prowess, but hey, I’ll still take it.

So now the goal is to hit the Best Seller List with one of my own books…

Amazon Sales Rank is a feature that shows how items in their catalog are selling. The lower the number, the higher the sales for that particular item. It’s updated hourly.

At one point a few days ago, my Terminator Salvation movie prequel TPB was ranked #10,828. Not enough to get it into the top 100 graphic novels, but in the slightly more niche category of “Graphic Novels, Science Fiction” it made it to #26. Which means it was outselling these books:

Frank Miller’s Ronin
Brian Wood’s DMZ vol 1
Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan vol 1
Grant Morrison’s Invisibles vol 1
Jeff Smith’s RASL vol. 1

My point?

I’m bigger that Miller and Morrison, baby.*

*Dara Naraghi realizes he is not, indeed, “bigger” than Miller and Morrison. His book is selling well due to the strength of the Terminator franchise, in anticipation of the new movie release, while the specific books he singled out have been perennial best-sellers. This is all just a twisting of the statistics for the purposes of entertainment, as well as boosting his ego. But don’t let that stop you from buying a copy.

Shipping this week: the final issue of my official Terminator Salvation movie prequel comic book.

Also available for pre-order via you local comic book store, the collected edition of Archibald Aardvark:


112 PAGES / 2C

Once the toast of Tinsel Town, faded movie star Archibald Aardvark has been slowly going insane trying to solve the brutal murder of his brother. But despite the hard drinking, womanizing and hallucinations, he’s managed to follow the trail from the dangerous streets of Little China, all the way to the boardroom of Neptune Studios…and finally reveal the TRUE identity of the killer!


The Archibald trade will feature one-page backup stories by our very own Tom Williams and Brent Bowman!

I know it’s short notice, but if you’d like to order this book through your local comic book store, you need to let them know by this Saturday, April 11. The Diamond order code is APR09 0352.

Hitting the shelves this week is the 3rd issue of my Terminator Salvation movie prequel series:

“In the African country of Niger, Bem’s plan to take out the uranium mine depends on the outcome of his face-off against a lone T-600. In Detroit, Michigan, Resistance leader Elena Maric’s forces launch their all-out assault on the Terminator factories. But Skynet is not without its resources, and even the mysterious package airdropped in the middle of the desert may not be enough to turn the tide of operation Sand in the Gears in favor of the humans.”

You can catch a 5-page preview here.

So I was looking for reviews of my Terminator Salvation series (remember the book’s title, it comes into play below), and came across what may very well be the most fantastic review of any of my works, ever. I’m not sure if this person’s blog is:

a) filtered through a translation tool
b) written in broken English on purpose
c) truly a best attempt at writing in a foreign language (English)
d) all of the above

Regardless, feast your eyes upon this:

“Exterminator # 2 Redemption ( IDW comics ) author: Dara Naraghi Art: Alan Robinson

This is simply program bad, rushed narration and hie art. Belike essay to wallop this together prior to the flick release ( Exterminator Redemption ) since the mirthful is a prequel to the flick. Relieve your money.”

I now have two new favorite phrases: “Belike essay” and “Relieve your money”!

The second issue of my Terminator Salvation movie prequel shipped yesterday. Here’s the cover, by Nick Runge:

As always, John Connor humbly requests your purchase, in exchange for another T-600 kill.

Also, stay the f— out of his light or he’ll kick your f—ing a–, you unprofessional f—head.

(with apologies to Wall of Voodoo)

The past couple of weeks I was a guest on 2 different radio shows talking about the Terminator Salvation prequel series. You can listen to both programs online:

I was a guest on Fictional Frontiers with Sohaib Awan, “a weekly one-hour journey through the comic, novel, film, and television universes” which airs Sundays on WNJC 1360 AM, Philadelphia, PA. Click here for the Sunday, January 11 show.

I was on Central Ohio’s NPR station, WCBE 90.5, Columbus, OH, on Wednesday January 14. Click here for the segment.

Warning: I’m not exactly a great speaker, nor a radio personality. You have been warned!

The first issue of my Terminator Salvation movie prequel ships today. Here’s a look at the two different covers, the first by Nick Runge, and the second by Klaus Scherwinski:

Buy it, or and the Terminator gets it.

The solicitation for the next issue of my Terminator Salvation movie prequel is out now, with a ship date of February 2009:

“In the African country of Niger, tempers flare between Bem, Yusuf, and Lysette, as the ragtag group of refugees finalize their plans for an assault on the Skynet uranium mine. Meanwhile, in Detroit, survivalist Jackson Parker’s suicide run against a T-600 is interrupted by the Resistance, who need his expertise in carrying out coordinated attacks on Skynet’s Terminator factory. But when their HQ comes under attack from new Terminator models, will anyone survive to carry out the mission? Plus, more revelations about Commander Elena Maric’s past history with John Connor.”

Diamond order code DEC08 4101.

By the way, check out this kick-ass Flash animated online movie poster!

My other series debuting in January ’09 is the prequel to the next Terminator movie, titled Terminator Salvation. The movie stars Christian Bale as the grown-up John Connor, and is set in the future year of 2018, where the remnants of humanity battle Skynet’s machines post Judgment Day. The 4-issue comic book series titled “Sand in the Gears” features a global cast of characters, some old Terminator favorites, and a few new models created specifically for the comic. Here’s a look at the two different covers, the first by Nick Runge, and the second by Klaus Scherwinski:

And here’s a peek at the first five pages, with art by Alan Robinson:

Like it? If yes, then here’s the Diamond order code: NOV08 4118. Make me rich!

Ok, let’s take a break from politics and get back to comic books. Specifically, how you can support me in the lavish lifestyle I’ve grown accustomed to. That’s right, the life of a freelance comic book writer. I’ve got 2 new comics coming out in January, one from Image and another from IDW:

Archibald Chases the Dragon (Diamond order code NOV08 2277)

written by DARA NARAGHI
art & cover by GRANT BOND

Archibald Aardvark thought the murder of his brother was solved, but when a stranger tips him off to a cover-up, he travels to Little China in search of the mysterious “Compassionate Wind of Death”! This noir tale of greed, secrets, and a deal with the devil will have you deliciously anticipating if our hapless hero will survive long enough to stitch together a few answersOeor will he fall victim to the red dragon haunting his fevered dreams?

TAG: Archibald takes the classic animation of Fleischer Studios and kicks it out a moving car in the middle of Roman Polanski’s Chinatown.

Retailer Warning: Mature Readers only.

Terminator Salvation movie prequel #1 (of 4) (Diamond order code NOV08 4118)

Dara Naraghi (w) • Alan Robinson (a) • Nick Runge (c)

The year is 2018. With John Connor as the voice of the resistance, the scattered remnants of humanity find themselves united against their common enemy—Skynet and its Terminators. Through a patchwork system of radio transmitters, hacked satellite phones, and encrypted computer networks, resistance leader Elena Maric in Detroit and Nigerian mining engineer Bem Aworuwa have formed an unlikely friendship and drawn up battle plans to take the fight to the Terminators!

I know, I know, you’re sick and tired of my incessant self-promotion. This is the last one, I swear. Comic Book Resources talks about my IDW series…

“Set in 2017 ” a year before the story of “Terminator: Salvation” ” the early 2009-debuting prelude series will take the core concept of the “Terminator” films and give them a more global scope according to Naraghi. “The main focus of the book isn’t going to be John Connor. He’s going to be in it, but I wanted to show the rest of the face of the resistance ” everyone else who’s either trying to survive or actively part of the resistance, and not just in North America. In all the movies, it’s all in L.A., or in the future scenes it’s just small clips. I wanted to show what’s going on around the world or in other places, so it’s going to have more of an international flavor to it.””

…and Newsarama chimes in with a mini interview about my upcoming Terminator Salvation mini series…

Newsarama: Dara, with the Igor Movie Prequel and now, the Terminator Salvation Prequel, you must’ve earned the reputation as the go-to writer for IDW’s prequel comics based on film franchises, no?

Dara Naraghi: Yeah, I suppose I can see that. To borrow a joke from Flight of the Conchords, I’m the fourth most popular Iranian-American right-handed go-to writer for IDW’s prequel comic book mini-series based on film franchises! “


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