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Archive for the ‘s.p.a.c.e.’ Category

S.P.A.C.E. exhibitor Brady Russell has a nice, long write-up about this year’s con, over at The Beat.

There were quite a few little kids at S.P.A.C.E., which was a new one on me. One little girl even had her own table and another went exhibitor to exhibitor, asking if they wanted to buy her mini-comic. I had never seen so many kids at a show before, and the gregarious ones were all girls. I don’t think any of the boys came up to talk to me, but I think they were looking for something a little more dynamic than a TV that likes to talk about the banking crisis. They may never know what what they are missing.

It’s great to see our hometown show get some press.

Reminder: March 19-20 is the 12th annual Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo in Columbus, Ohio.

Here’s a look at the show poster, by PANELista Tom Williams:

Admission is a mere $5, or $8 for a weekend pass. Come say hi to us and hundreds of other indie and DIY comix creators.

Just a reminder that voting closes at the end of this month (a week!) for S.P.A.C.E. Prize 2010. The finalists in the 3 categories are listed here.

If you were an exhibitor at the 2010 SPACE show, you are eligible to vote. Vote for your favorite in each category by e-mailing it to SPACE organizer, Bob Corby (bpc13@earthlink.net). Also, be cool and don’t vote for yourself!

Bob Corby, show runner of Columbus’ own indie comic con S.P.A.C.E. has announced the finalists for the 2010 SPACE prize. It’s another great collection of alternative and small press comix, and this year we made the cut! That’s right, the PANEL anthologies vol. 13, 14, and 15 are nominated in the “General” category.

Also nominated, our own PANELista Brent Bowman’s Cowboy Songs of the Old West in the “Mini-Comic/Short Story” category.

And friend of the ferret Matt Dembicki is represented twice, as editor of the fantastic Trickster anthology (General category) and writer/artist of Xoc (Mini-Comic/Short Story).

Congratulations to all the finalists, including the webcomics creators. See you all at S.P.A.C.E. 2011, March 19-20.

Just a reminder that the 11th annual S.P.A.C.E. (Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo) will take place in lovely Columbus, Ohio this weekend, April 24 & 25. The location this year is the Ramada Plaza Hotel on Sinclair road. Admission is a mere $5 a day, or $8 for a weekend pass.

(poster by Tom Williams)

I’ll have a table, alongside many of your favorite PANEListas. Be sure to check out our latest anthology, PANEL: The Movies. It’s our 15th volume, and it’s bigger and better than anything that’s come before it.

Bob Corby has just announced the finalists for the 2010 S.P.A.C.E. Prize.

Once again, PANEL is well represented:

Craig Bogart with The Secret History of the Ineffables, part 2.

Tom Williams for his story “Hand Jive”, and Brent Bowman for his story “Jack and the Beanstalk”, both in Panel: 12 and Under.

Other Columbus creators who made the cut: writer/artist Lora Innes gets a couple of nods for her series The Dreamer, in both the general comics category and webcomic category. Mason Easley comes in with Psychic Soldier Kai. And Phonzie Davis gets a nomination for his surrealist comic Left Handed Sophie.

C-Bus represent!

Also, friend-of-the-ferret Chad Lambert gets a couple of nods, for his graphic novel Kill the Revisionist and his book Return to Point Pleasant.

Congratulations to all the finalists!

UVN: Behind the Counter has posted up a few interviews from the SPACE show from a couple of months ago. They’ve shot an exhaustive amount of footage the entire weekend. Embedded above is the interview with me. Turned out good.

I’ve been working on retooling the SPACE website with Bob. We’re close to rolling it out. There’s still some bugs to nail down but it’s coming along nicely. I’m finding my kung-fu in CSS and PHP coding to be weak to non-existant. It’s a challenge. A preview of it is up on my site for now. Ideally I wanted to have up a blog on the front page. Work in progress. Lot of place holders for now. The middle column is where the posting is supposed to happen.

This digital camera business rules. Uploaded my pics to my flickr account last night. It’s like you were at S.P.A.C.E…. sort of. I don’t want to give the impression that the show was a complete ghost town. The pics were shot during downtime at the table.

I didn’t buy much, except a mini from Nate Powell, a gorgeous 2 color/silkscreen book from Paping and Pat Lewis’ The Claws Come Out.

Bob Corby has announced the finalists for the first ever SPACE Prize (which takes the place of the Day Prize, no longer awarded since Dave Sim has gone back to work), and the first chapter of The Secret History of the Ineffables is among those named.

Everyone who exhibited at last year’s SPACE convention will soon be able to head to the Back Porch Comics web site to vote among the finalists and help determine the winner (the popular vote is one part of the selection process, not the final word). Any help is appreciated! Alas, Tom and Tony are unable to vote since they contributed to the book.

Bob has sent out a group email that the Day Prize for next year has been cancelled.. sort of. Dave Sim has canceled his appearance at next year’s show along with the Day Prize. However Bob will be giving out a S.P.A.C.E. prize.

Bob- ‘I will review the books and pick 4 to 6 finalists and then have the registered SPACE 2008 Exhibitors vote for the winner. One of the few rules will be that you can’t vote for yourself (or a book you’re in). The winner will win a cash prize of $300.00 (sorry I can’t afford the $500.00) and a plaque (or figure, that’s not finalized yet). I haven’t figured out the time table yet but the plaque presentation will be during SPACE 2009.’

Anyone who wants their book(s) sent back, contact Bob and he’ll send them back.

Please note that this is not limited to just SPACE, Sim has scaled back all his appearances to just local shows. It’s been great having him at the show and I hope one year he’ll come back.

Behold: another splendid Tom Williams coloring effort on the cover of the latest issue of The Ineffables, set to debut at SPACE in two short weeks. While the comic (part one of two) only clocks in at 16 pages, it has an idea-to-panel ratio equivelant to four regular-sized comics.



In a separate ceremony last night, PANEL was proud to present the following Bankies for the SPACE 2007 show.

The Claude Rains Invisible Man Award (Or Martha Stewart Award for Achievement in the Field of Hosting): Tony Goins

The What, No Pictures? Award: Those guys who had self-published novels at SPACE. The self-publishing revolution has gone too far.

The Please Spay Your Catboy Award: The Drunken Cat

The English are Coming Award (Spirit of ’76 Award): The Minuteman guy dressed like a colonist across from Camp Ferret. A refreshing change of pace from the big orange cat.

The Attack of the Gamer’s Award: MOMO 2 for booking a video game throw down the same night as the SPACE Launch party.

The Gloeckner Award: Carol Tyler and her class for bailing out early the second day of the show. In hindsight, probably a smart move.

The Saving Face Award: Craig’s dentist, who replaced a missing front tooth on an hour’s notice the day before the show so he wouldn’t look like a character from “Monster Trucks and Baby Mammas.”

The Check Is In The Mail Award: Everyone who says, “I’m just making the rounds right now, but I’ll be back.”

The Why Have the Cow When You Can Drink the Milk for Free Award: The folks who read entire issues of Class of 2006 without buying a copy.

The Clearing Up Any Misunderstandings Award: Ryan Gelatin, winner of the Gem City Uncool Perv Award. Turns out his He-Man porn is not pornographic at all. Mature audiences yes, but not porn. Thanks for the copy of the book.

The Al Roker Forecasting Award: The weather, which finally decided to be pleasant while we were stuck inside for two days.

Feel free to add others in the comments

Chris Arrant over at Newsarama has a short intyerview with Bob Corby about this year’s S.P.A.C.E. convention.

Given their fanboy-heavy demographic, I don’t expect too many comments on the post. Can someone here who has a Newsarama account post the Panel party poster on there? You can grab both the thumbnail and the large version off the Ferret Press home page.


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