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Archive for the ‘mid-ohio-con’ Category

As previously announced here and here, I declare this year’s candidates for the annual Mystery City/MOC costume contest (not actually affiliated with MidOhio Con, natch).  Anyone appearing in one of the following costumes will once again be rewarded with a free copy of anything on my table.  This year is a little different, in that I’m not looking to beat the crap out of anyone in a particular costume as in previous years.  I must be getting old.

 J. Jonah Jameson.  Haircut is mandatory.

er, (ahem).  Red Sonja.  Please.

 Why haven’t I thought of this one before?  Howard The Duck.

And finally… Doctor Manhatten*!

Get sewing, everybody!

*Matt Kish not eligible.

Well, Mid-Ohio-Con 2009 is behind us. Overall, it was an ok show. Saturday traffic seemed to be decent, and I did ok with sales. Several people told me it was a lot better this year compared to the previous, but I didn’t notice much of a difference. Sunday, on the other hand, was dead slow. I made two sales, for a total of $15. Oh well.

While I managed to keep my spending to an absolute minimum on Saturday (my only purchase was the Neil Gaiman Eternals hardcover, marked down from $30 to $8), I did spend quite a bit more on Sunday. One dealer had almost the whole run of the 80s science fiction anthology series Alien Worlds (Pacific Comics) and Alien Encounters (Eclipse) for sale, most at a $1 a piece, and I couldn’t resist. The covers alone on some of these books are worth the price of admission. We’re talking William Stout, Dave Stevens, and more:

I also grabbed a couple of sketches. The first was from Marvel mainstay Fred Hembeck, who did his classic Doctor Voodoo:

And the next from Tiny Titans and Patrick the Wolfboy cartoonist Art Baltazar. I asked who his favorite character was, and he said currently he’s enjoying the Red Hulk (aka “Rulk”), so that’s what he drew…in glorious crayon color for a mere dollar!

On top of it, he was very funny, personable, and fun to talk to. Last year he did a Robin sketch for Hanna, and even though she had her dollar ready, he gave it to her for free, which totally made her day.

Finally, I have three of anecdotes to share:

Secret Identity – On Saturday, I saw a couple with their 3 or 4 year old boy, who was dressed up in a Spider-man costume, complete with plastic mask. As they walked by my booth, the boy ran head first into the metal pole that holds up the railing/dividers between the booths! His mom rushed to check on him, and tried to take off his mask to see if he was ok. But the boy refused, holding the mask to his face and shouting “No! Not the mask!”

Dude, like, Awesome – On Sunday a couple of younger guys were looking through the books on my table, and one of them picked up the Terminator graphic novel. Here’s the conversation that ensued, essentially verbatim:

“Guy: Dude, you wrote this?
Me: Yeah, I was given the movie script and asked to–
Guy: Wicked! Did you meet Arnold?
Me: Uh, no, I just wrote the comics and–
Guy: So did you go on the set?
Me: No, I did everything from–
Guy: Dude, is your name in the credits of the movie?
Me: No, see, I just wrote the–
Guy: (nods his head, puts the book down, and wanders off)”

The Borders Library – Another couple came by with their teenage boy. He told me that he loved the Terminator graphic novel, and that it was only the 2nd or 3rd graphic novel he’s ever read. I thanked him for the compliment, and this is the conversation that ensued between him and his mom:

“Mom: Oh yeah, I remember buying this book for you.
Son: You didn’t buy it for me.
Mom: Yes I did.
Son: No you didn’t. I read it at Borders over the course of 3 days.
Mom: Oh. Well, I meant to buy it for you.”

At which point they all wandered off.

Good times.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll do a follow-up post later on my two surprise finds at the show.

Don’t forget, kids: our free Unmasked party is tonight at momo2.

Clicky-click for directions, maps, details:

And tomorrow and Sunday it’s the 29th annual Mid-Ohio-Con. See you there!

Two new books from hot rising superstar artists making their debut at MidOhio Con in just a few short days:

Allied Powers #2

Written by myself, art by Battlin’ Brent Bowman. Operation: Dynamo, armored Nazi goons, and superhero male bonding, all packed into 17 furious pages.

The Ineffables: Order of Succession.

Big changes come to Mystery City.

Start planning for the free pre-Mid-Ohio-Con party, sponsored by the PANEL folks on this blog. More info and maps at the main Ferret Press page.

At last year’s MidOhio Con, I was prepared to sucker punch any sweaty Ledger-clown that crossed my path, figuring the show would be overrun by people knocking together amateur costumes based on that year’s big hit movie. This year, I’ve nominated this guy as the one(s?) who will be punished for showing– or not showing– their face at the convention and irritating me.

As I did last year in order to alleviate my dread of seeing bad costumes on parade for two solid days, I henceforth will announce the 2009 Mystery City/MOC costume promotion (not affiliated with MOC itself, natch). Instead of dragging out the usual dreary old Batman costumes, I encourage any prospective attendees to break out their sewing kits to craft any of the following outfits and alleviate my ennui. Your reward, similar to last year, will be free copies of Mystery City Comics’ newest books: The Ineffables: Order of Succession and Allied Powers #2. What better motivator is there?


This one could be even easier than it looks, as “urban Ka-Zar” enjoyed roaming the streets of New York wearing nothing but a pair of dockers. I’ll be looking for that luxurious blonde mane, though.

H.E.R.B.I.E. the Robot!

Ruby Thursday!
(She seems a natural. That’s a maladjusted comic fan’s dream date.)

Mister Mind!
Get sewing. MidOhio is just weeks away.

“The Mid-Ohio-Con 2008 Charity Auction is now live on eBay. The auction features original art drawn by many of our guests at Mid-Ohio-Con 2008, as well as a number of other special contributions. All proceeds from the Mid-Ohio-2008 charity auction will be donated to The Hero Initiative and The Make-A-Wish Foundation.”

Click here for all the listings.

The auctions includes this piece from our very own Andy Bennett:

That’s right! The show begins today. New time. New spot within the convention center. Go to Mid Ohio Con for more information. Including a seating chart so you can find all of us. Andy, Dara and myself have our own spots. Craig, Tony G. and Brent are running a bearded creator booth. Andy will be real easy to spot as he’s seated next to Joe Kubert. I’m pretty thrilled that I get to finally meet Joe.

Thanks to everyone that came out for Unmasked. We debut Panel: 12 & Under.

Keep choppin’ that wood Craig. Damn, I’m a tub. Cardio. Somethin’. Geesh. Shooting game from an airplane doesn’t burn off the calories like it used to.

Just made it to the printer for debut at MidOhio Con in two short weeks:

Allied Powers chapter one preview edition: the online comic will be rearing it’s head by the time the convention rolls around, but those who can’t wait to read the first chapter in all it’s glory will be able to enjoy the B & W version in print. Written by yours truly and illustrated by the indomitable Brent Bowman. Chapter one introduces most of our cast; future chapters will be set against the backdrop of some cool but lesser-known historical figures and events. All this, and FIST THUMPING ACTION!

The Enigma Foundation Grande Premiere Issue: also planned for online publication, but printed for your consumption anyway. I thought I’d take a break from The Ineffables to do… a book almost exactly like The Ineffables, actually. Doing a series of Character Wednesdays and working on projects with Brent and Steve gave me the urge to do something more “straight faced”. If The Ineffables is the Adam West Batman, consider this an old Jim Aparo issue. Same basic premise, different execution. Hope someone out there enjoys it (but rest assured, the Ineffables will be back in time for SPACE).
Those that crave more Ineffables will find a short story in the latest edition of Oh, Comics! from Bob Corby’s Back Porch Comics.

While I’m looking forward to MidOhio Con as always, I started contemplating today how quickly I’ll get tired of seeing people dressed as the Heath Ledger version of the Joker. I expect it will only take about an hour for me to start sucker punching some sweaty clowns.

To help preserve my sanity, I’m announcing the first annual Mystery City MOC costume promotion. Anyone attending the show who comes to our table dressed as one of the following characters will get a free copy of Allied Powers and The Enigma Foundation (both highly collectible first issues!). Everybody start sewing!

Namor! (I’m looking at you, Matt.)


Not Luke Cage– Power Man!

And finally– Stilt Man! (what the hell…?)
C’mon, folks, let’s bring some variety to MOC this year and not just sport fashions from the latest movie. I have to look at you people for two days, after all. I’d do it myself, but if I got out my Namor costume, Tony would spend all weekend trying to feel my muscles.

Barley’s Brewing Company. 8pm till midnight. Friday Oct. 3rd.

If you’re going to be in town for the Mid Ohio Con (or just in town), Panel is throwing another pre-show party before the Mid Ohio Con. We’re having it at Barley’s again, which is across the street from the convention center. (I’d recommend checking out the new google ‘street view’ for a brief visual) It’s hard to tell since I’m getting mixed reports on who’s going or not. Even if you’re not and don’t have anything to do that Friday night come on by. There’s no cover and you can always bounce to one of the Park Street clubs after.

Tell a friend. Bring a date. We’ll see you there.

Just checked out the ALL NEW! ALL DARING! Mid-Ohio-Con website and their guest list. Hmmm, not too shabby. It’s a good start, seeing some new names (at least as of the last few years). Folks like Alan Davis, Gary Friedrich, Mike Grell, Len Wein, Ethan Van Sciver, and Bernie Wrightson.

Oh, and Jason Mewes will be there too. You know, if that floats your boat.

Snoochies bootchies.

Well, that didn’t take long: looks like a new convention is taking the place of the recently-discontinued MOC.

Ohio Comic Con website

Ohio Comic Con MySpace page

October 24-26 at Veteran’s Memorial.

You know, for a first-year show, maybe going for an ambitious 3 days isn’t the smartest idea…

A little late, but here’s my personal high point from the show– besides finding a 50 cent box with my entire “want list” in it. Behold the Deathlok sketch I got from Rich Buckler:

Newsarama’s Vaneta Rogers has a long write-up on the show. In the comments section, some douche says “Chris Sprouse couldn’t draw 2 full issues to save his life.” but he is quickly corrected 🙂 It seems that everyone who attended the show enjoyed it a lot, which is cool.


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