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Archive for the ‘The Ineffables’ Category

Two new books from hot rising superstar artists making their debut at MidOhio Con in just a few short days:

Allied Powers #2

Written by myself, art by Battlin’ Brent Bowman. Operation: Dynamo, armored Nazi goons, and superhero male bonding, all packed into 17 furious pages.

The Ineffables: Order of Succession.

Big changes come to Mystery City.

Behold the cover for The Second Part of The Secret History of The Ineffables. The book should be ready in time for S.P.A.C.E.

Thanks once again to Tom Williams for the chromatism.

In other news… family stuff may keep me away from PANEL meetings for the next several weeks, so I thought I’d throw some work-in-progress up here on the blog. Here’s (partially inked) pages 1 & 3 from The Second Part of the Secret History of the Ineffables, which picks up a couple months after the end of the previous chapter. The Ineffables are all dead save for Abe Lincoln, who has moved on to join Mystery City’s regular superhero team, the League of Protagonists– seen here as they confront their own Doctor Doom-style arch nemesis. Abe has trouble assimilating into the new team, however, because of his somewhat brutal methods…

Optical Sloth recently got around to adding a review of the third issue of The Ineffables, which was published somewhere around six years ago. The delay was worth the wait, giving me the best quote I will ever get:
“This is one of those series that should eventually be taught in schools, as it shows that learning (and conceptual thought) can indeed be fun, while still managing to throw a few fight scenes in. “

Bob Corby has announced the finalists for the first ever SPACE Prize (which takes the place of the Day Prize, no longer awarded since Dave Sim has gone back to work), and the first chapter of The Secret History of the Ineffables is among those named.

Everyone who exhibited at last year’s SPACE convention will soon be able to head to the Back Porch Comics web site to vote among the finalists and help determine the winner (the popular vote is one part of the selection process, not the final word). Any help is appreciated! Alas, Tom and Tony are unable to vote since they contributed to the book.

Behold: another splendid Tom Williams coloring effort on the cover of the latest issue of The Ineffables, set to debut at SPACE in two short weeks. While the comic (part one of two) only clocks in at 16 pages, it has an idea-to-panel ratio equivelant to four regular-sized comics.



Here I was going to post on this today, but Andy beat me to it… Nevertheless, I’ll post Sim’s paragraph on Political Science since I had to do some serious hunting to find it on his blog:

“THE INEFFABLES: POLITICAL SCIENCE trade paperback is by Craig Bogart, another member of the Panel Collective (Tom Williams helps out with the cover colour and Dara Naraghi does the lettering on “Political Asylum”). If you’re a) an atheistic secular humanist and b) a fan of early 60s Marvel Comics, this collection is for you. The Ineffables are Chet Burnett, a sometime journalist, Mason, a scientific genius animated Easter Island head, Clarity, a living piece of artwork, and the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln (who joins in the course of the “Patriot Act” storyline). It really is extreme leftist/atheistic stuff but it’s very, very funny. Funny enough that I’ll forgive Craig for misappropriating a Republican President for his shenanigans! Check it out at http://www.theineffables.com/

I’ll admit that given what I know of his, er, political views I’m surprised he took to my satire so well. I figured Dirty Cop would be more up his alley.

The latest Ineffables story is up at comic space; I had a week to throw together a story for Bob Corby’s Oh, Comics tpb, themed “Food.” The results are the this six-page story; many thanks to Dara for lettering.

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