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Archive for the ‘panel’ Category

Today: a two-fer preview

“Monster Racers” by Molly Durst:

and “Country Roads” by Brent Bowman:

Today: “Healing” by Dara Naraghi & Andy Bennett

Today: Craig Bogart’s “Dying Chords”

The 14th volume of our praised small press anthology will debut at Mid-Ohio-Con this weekend. Check the blog every day for a sneak peek at the stories contained within the ghastly pages of PANEL of Horror.

Today: Brent Bowman’s “Uncle Panel” welcomes you…

Back in 2003, the PANEL group was set up at a local comic book convention. Back in those days, the artists used to start a jam piece, with each contributing a panel to the page. In this particular case, Steve Black kicked off the page by drawing a likeness of me, and all the other artists followed suit. Believe me, this was an unsolicited commission.

Alas, the page went unfinished, with 3 empty panels left at the bottom. Even more unfortunate, the page was lost under the many piles of paperwork, posters, artwork, and assorted other junk in my messy, messy computer room.

Well, this past weekend, while digging for something to take to S.P.A.C.E., I unearthed that fabled jam piece. Naturally I took it to the show, and my fellow PANEListas were kind enough to lend their talents to finish the page. Here is the finished piece, 6 years in the making:

Artwork by:

Top row, L to R – Steve Black, Andy Bennett, Tim McClurg
Middle row, L to R – Tom Williams, Tim Fischer, Tony Goins
Bottom row, L to R – Matt Kish, Craig Bogart, Brent Bowman

From the bottom of my heart, my thanks go to the past and present members of PANEL for this amazingly cool, ego-inflating, funky piece of artwork. I’m going to frame this page and display it proudly above my computer desk.

You guys are the best.

Columbus Underground just posted a mini-feature on collectives in the C-Bus, and PANEL gets a mention.

“PANEL is a writers and artists collective that started in 2002. Member Dara Naraghi tells us a bit about their purpose: “Our goal was to get like-minded comic book creators together as a sort of writers/artists group, offering support, critiques, and motivation to each other.”

This is as good a time as any to travel down memory lane to 6 years ago, when we started this blog, and the very first entry posted by the inimitable Tony Goins, wherein he codified the PANELfesto:

“What is Panel?

Panel is about realizing it doesn’t matter if you have a fully realized universe all plotted out in your head. Nothing matters until you put ink to paper.

Panel rolls into the show 12 deep, knocks over other creators’ tables, and lights its cigar off old copies of Youngblood #0 it picked up in the 10-cent bin.

Panel is a self-governing collective of aspiring comix creators in Central Ohio. Panel has no bylaws and no dues. It meets every second Tuesday.

Panel is about sucking it up when your fellow members say your shiny new script reads like the lost episode of the A-Team. Panel knows pain makes you better.

Panel began as a flier at the Laughing Ogre comic shop, and now has about a dozen members. Some members are professional creators, some aren’t. That’s OK.

Panel loves you and wants what’s best for you. Join Panel.”

Johanna Draper Carlson reviews PANEL: Work, the 11th volume of our anthology series, over at her Comics Worth Reading blog. Unfortunately, it’s not all that positive.

“Unfortunately, the package is the most satisfying part of the assemblage. I can appreciate the imagination that goes into the various comic attempts, but as intellectually interesting as some of them are, none of the stories or art will stay with me.”

Friend of the Ferret, and fellow Columbusite, J. Caleb Mozzocco has a long, detailed write-up of SPACE, including a pseudo-review of PANEL: Work.

“Sean McGurr and Brent Bowman collaborate on a mini-comic called Pyramid Scheme, which is a piece of clever packaging within the clever packaging of the envelope…”

Not to mention this very accurate statement:

“Kish draws excellent dragons, skeletons, bats, and spouts of flame.”

Debuting at SPACE this weekend, the 11th volume of our anthology.

PANE: Work is a big interoffice mail envelope filled with many mini-comics from the various PANEListas. It’s shaping up to be another cool package.

Whitey over at Optical Sloth reviewed PANEL: Music today. Although it was our sixth book (PANEL X just came out a few weeks ago), it somehow got lost in the shuffle and is just getting reviewed now.

Overall I didn’t think it was the strongest Panel of the bunch, but it’s up against some pretty tough competition and there’s still plenty here to recommend it, particularly the first and last stories and the Craig Bogart piece.

Personally, this is my favorite book of the series. I love the packaging and feel everyone brought their A-game to these stories. As always, you can your grubby hands on a copy through the Ferret Press store.

Dave Sim has posted a capsule review of PANEL: TRAVEL on his blog yesterday (December 4). I can’t quite tell if it’s a good or bad review… but I think he likes me, anyway 🙂

If you don’t have a moment to read it, here’s what Dave had to say specifically about PANEL:

Those wacky Columbus, Ohio Panel guys get me every time. PANEL TRAVEL FALL 2005 TWO DOLLARS. What does this look like? I know this format. It’s a passport!

They’ve done a mini-comic the exact size and shape and texture as a U.S. Passport. Get it? Special Travel Issue – and it looks like a passport? 9 stories by the usual suspects. I’ll give Dara Naraghi and Andy Bennett the nod this time out for “best of show” with “Bystander”.

Thanks, Dave!

Update from Dara:

He’s apparently reviewing all the Day Prize entries. Here’s what he had to say about fellow PANELista Tom Williams:

“Tom Williams who was a Day Prize Recipient for MISA is back with a digest, S.P.B.:RISE. It’s a gorgeous piece of work but he’s (personal opinion) going esoteric to the point of incomprehensible but I can’t fault that any more than I can fault the guys whose drawing chops just aren’t there but whose stories are interesting enough that I don’t even really notice. I can and have spent a lot of pleasurable time flipping through Tom’s work. This time out he’s working in black-and-white, sepia tones and sepia variant tones with the occasional splash of green or pink or blue. The original strip (reprinted in the back) is really more of an infernal riff on PEANUTS than anything else. Tom admits to getting “weirded out by the possibility of it getting lumped in with the whole `goth comic’ racket.” The part I liked the best was his profile of each of the characters in the back. Check out Tom’s work at www.opencrashcomics.com. You should know within a few mouse clicks if he’s your cup of tea or not.”

Today’s the day. Panel X debuts at Mid-Ohio-Con.

Front cover by Andy Bennett:

Back cover by Brent Bowman:

“Backstage Pass” by Dara Naraghi and Andy Bennett:

(warning: dirty language)

Teaser from “Third Moon From Endor”, by Sean McGurr and Tim McClurg:

“The Garden”, by Brent Bowman:

Here’s a teaser portion of the 2-page spread by Tom Williams (heh heh heh, I said “spread”)

And a page from “Mr. Love”, by Tony Goins and Ellen Armstrong, featuring art by Dan Barlow:

Another peek at a story from the super sexy cool Panel X. Story by Tony Goins, art by Steve Black:


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