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Dara Naraghi's graphic novel Lifelike is now available in both digital and print editions. Click here for more info.

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Archive for the ‘panel’ Category

SPACE starts this Saturday!

PANEL 19: Green will be available all weekend, both from members of PANEL at the show, and from Andy Bennett at the Pittsburgh Comicon.

Bonus – we’ll have stacks of free PANEL bookmarks, with art by Matt Kish, and a checklist of our entire catalog.

Here’s the last peek at what’s in store for you in the latest issue – by KT Swartz and Brent Bowman, from a story called “Apologies for the Missing.”

Brent Bowman


And for good measure, here’s a picture of the cover dress – so you’ll know what you’re looking for!

GREN cover

Hold on a second… teenagers—in a Model T—running over a tall leprechaun?

Yeah, that can only be Ross Hardy’s handiwork. From “Luck of the Irish”…

Ross Hardy's Leprechaun


Four more days, folks! You can get your copy starting Saturday morning at SPACE!

…of the imminent release of PANEL 19: GREEN!

This time, it’s the madcap ravings of Captain Responsible in Andrew Lee’s slacker-rrific cautionary tale, “The Devil’s Coleslaw,” lovingly lettered and toned by multi-talented guest artist Ben Smith!

Captain Responsible!

32 pages of 60% post-consumer awesomeness are coming your way SATURDAY at SPACE! Hope to see you there.

…get ready! The 19th issue of our beloved anthology will launch in just 8 days at SPACE on April 21-22! And for those of you who won’t be at the Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo, our own Andy Bennett will have copies available at the Pittsburgh Comicon that same weekend.

Here’s a tiny glimpse of what’s in store for you, from Dara Naraghi & Matt Kish’s Rube Goldberg-ian masterpiece, “From Green to Green.” And this is just the beginning!


PANEL 19: Green will continue our legacy of lovingly-crafted, hand-built comics, just as you’ve come to expect. Keep an eye on this spot for more leaks and peeks over the next 8 days.

Bob Corby, founder and show runner of Columbus’ own Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo (S.P.A.C.E.) has just announced the finalists for the 2011 SPACE Prize. And your humble blog hosts in the PANEL Collective are well represented:

General Category:

PANEL: Pulp – volume 17 of our twice yearly anthology series, edited by yours truly, Sean McGurr, and Tony Goins, and featuring the talents of the writers and artists of the PANEL Collective. Available for purchase here.

The Ineffables: All of Creation, by PANELista Craig Bogart (who is unfortunately having website issues right now, but hopes to be back online soon).

Also featured in this category, fellow Columbusites Max Ink (Blink:So Far) and Joel Jackson/James Moore (Radio Free Gahanna #2)

Mini-comic / Short Story Category:

PANELista Brent Bowman for his story from PANEL: Pulp, “Noor Jama, Somali Pirate”

You can check out the full list of finalists here.

Congrats to all, and we’ll see you at S.P.A.C.E. 2012, April 21-22.

Panel 18 debuts at the Mid Ohio Con of Wizards… which starts right… now. It can be yours for $3. We’ve got page numbers! Go get your hot lil’ hands on this anthology at Andy B’s and or Tony G’s table. Missed the Groupon $10 deal on tickets? No worries. If you didn’t hit the blood bank for admission money,  the anthology will soon find it’s way into local shops so keep your eyes peeled. As always thanks for supporting small press and remember Panel loves you. Hard.

Today I’m continuing the series describing my process for creating my cover image for PANEL 17: PULP.

Last Friday I described the sketch stage, where I cut the design from whole cloth and prepare for a final drawing. Once I have a sketch I’m happy with, I transfer it directly to the final art board. Since my sketches are frequently so small, this usually involves a scan/scale/print/graphite transfer affair. I print the sketch at final art size, coat the back of the print with graphite, and trace it over onto the board. This leaves a ghost-image on the board, with all the correct proportions/perspective of the smaller sketch.

In other instances, such as times when the final art is much larger than my printer’s capability and I don’t care to assemble pieces, I’ll do a grid transfer. In this method, I draw a grid over the sketch, usually about 10 squares high by 6-7 squares wide, for images in this ratio. I then draw the same grid on the blank art board and re-draw each square one at a time. It’s a quick way to accurately re-draw a smaller image without all the intermediate steps of a graphite transfer.

In this case, I decided I could probably improve the composition a little by re-drawing it entirely. So I started instead on a blank board, and re-drew the sketch freehand, and put everything exactly where I wanted it. After filling out the drawing enough to where I could ink confidently, I began the ink stage. This is where I spend the most time on an image, and where I think my style really emerges. Here’s a side-by-side of the original sketch with the inked cover art (click to enlarge):

The sketch was rather spontaneous, so it was not drawn in the correct ratio, which is why it isn’t as tall as the final. As you can see, I pushed the “Femme Fatale” character further into the foreground, and enlarged the “hero” in the background, to improve the drama and overall design of the page. In addition to the composition changes, I changed the figures in many ways. I fixed her legs, tilted her head, showed a bit more of his face, and I gave her a cigarette so I could use the smoke as a design element. I also eliminated a lot of the extraneous props on the desk, as they seemed like too much clutter to me, and angled the shadows on the wall quite a bit more, for added drama.

In the next step, I’ll be adding the digital colors and effects, as we get closer and closer to the final art. Tune in Wednesday to see the results…

PANEL is a comic book writer/artist collective, based in Columbus, Ohio. We’ve been self-publishing twice-yearly anthologies under my Ferret Press banner. And this month marks the 8th anniversary of the Ferret Press/PANEL blog! That’s right, we’ve been posting our thoughts on comix, writing, art, movies, and the creative process on this blog for 8 years now. And it all started with the PANELfesto, written by esteemed PANELista, Tony Goins. I’ll just repost his call to action below:

What is Panel?

Panel is about realizing it doesn’t matter if you have a fully realized universe all plotted out in your head. Nothing matters until you put ink to paper.

Panel rolls into the show 12 deep, knocks over other creators’ tables, and lights its cigar off old copies of Youngblood #0 it picked up in the 10-cent bin.

Panel is a self-governing collective of aspiring comix creators in Central Ohio. Panel has no bylaws and no dues. It meets every second Tuesday.

Panel is about sucking it up when your fellow members say your shiny new script reads like the lost episode of the A-Team. Panel knows pain makes you better.

Panel began as a flier at the Laughing Ogre comic shop, and now has about a dozen members. Some members are professional creators, some aren’t. That’s OK.

Panel loves you and wants what’s best for you. Join Panel.

To celebrate our 8th year of blogging, we’ll be posting new material on the blog all month long, focusing especially on indy comics and creators. So keep an eye out for all the regular features you’ve grown to love, like:

* Monday Morning “Guess the Artist”
* Way Back Machine
* Splash Wednesday
* It Came From An Old Comic Book

…and many more.

And be sure to check back even more frequently, because we’ll be posting all sorts of additional material, from sketches and artwork to short stories and reviews and even columns from guest bloggers.

The PANEL collective is over 10 years old. We’ve self-published 17 volumes of our unique anthology. And now the blog is 8 years old.

We’re just getting started.

PANEL: Pulp debuts tomorrow at the 12th annual S.P.A.C.E. show! Here’s your last teaser look at the stories under those action-packed covers.

Sean McGurr and Tim McClurg bring you “Mexican Standoff”:

…while Craig Bogarts hits you with “Strange Visitor”:

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s peek inside the latest anthology. Hopefully it’s whetted your appetite to check out the comic, which will be available for sale in the Ferret Press store soon.

More pulp fiction inspired stories from the upcoming PANEL: Pulp anthology…

KY Swartz and Ross Hardy bring you the aerial daring dos of “Dr. Angela Livingston”:

And yours truly and Andy Bennet put a twist on the classic jungle adventure in “Malika, Jungle Girl”

Come back on Friday for the final look at the book.

Getting closer and closer to the debut of the 17th volume of the PANEL anthology, PANEL: Pulp.

Today’s preview is from Andrew Lee’s story, “The Hand of Fate”:

…and “A Factory for Corpses,” by Tony Goins and Dan Barlow:

Come back tomorrow for British espionage, and jungle adventures.

OK, ready for a sneak peek at some of the stories in PANEL: Pulp? We’ll start with a very abbreviated look at Matt Kish’s contribution:

Sorry, it’s only a 1-page story, so we can’t give too much away. But up next is Brent Bowman’s story, titled Noor Jama: Somali Pirate:

Come back tomorrow for more previews. And if you’re attending S.P.A.C.E. this weekend, be sure to drop by our tables and pick up a copy.

The Columbus-based writer/artist collective known as Panel (that’s us!) proudly presents the 17th volume of their well-reviewed anthology:

Like a ray gun to the face, like a shotgun blast from the past, like the deadly kiss of the Spider Queen — this is Panel: Pulp. The 17th installment of the long-running indie comics anthology takes on the fast fiction of the past and force-marches it into the 21st century. Whether you’re on the interurban train after a three-martini lunch, on break from making dive-bombers to blast the Ratzis, or huddled under the blankets with a flashlight, this mag’s for you.

PANEL: Pulp Stories features 60 pages of two-fisted action and adventure under 5 different covers. The book will debut this weekend at the 12th annual S.P.A.C.E., and all this week I’ll be giving you sneak peeks at the content.

We’ll start today with 2 of the covers. The Barbarian action is by PANELista Brent Bowman:

…while the noir mystery comes to you courtesy of PANELista Andy Bennett:

Detecting a pattern there? Wait until you see the other calamitous covers by the likes of Craig Bogart, Tom Williams, and Tim McClurg. And drop on by tomorrow for a look at a story or two from the interior of the book.

If you’ve missed any of the previous 16 issues of PANEL, each with its own unique theme, be sure to check them out on the Ferret Press site.

Today is the day. Today we debut the 14th volume of our PANEL anthology, with a horror theme. Here’s a look at the cover by PANELista Brent Bowman, and a pinup from PANELista Molly Durst:

See you at Mid-Ohio-Con!

And for previous PANEL volumes, be sure to visit the Ferret Press store.

PANEL #14 – “Panel of Horror” will debut at tomorrow’s Mid-Ohio-Con.

Here’s you last sneak peek: “The Basket” by Tom Williams


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