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Archive for the ‘Allied Powers’ Category

Two new books from hot rising superstar artists making their debut at MidOhio Con in just a few short days:

Allied Powers #2

Written by myself, art by Battlin’ Brent Bowman. Operation: Dynamo, armored Nazi goons, and superhero male bonding, all packed into 17 furious pages.

The Ineffables: Order of Succession.

Big changes come to Mystery City.

Here’s a peak at chapter 2 of Allied Powers.

I think we still have about five weeks of chapter one to go at the website before you’ll see these beauties in color; barring any natural disasters on unforeseen calamaties, I expect chapter 2 (or maybe 2 & 3) will be in print in time for SPACE.

Allied Powers the webcomic is now up and running. Check out the Brent Bowman goodness at:


Look for a page added each week (Brent and I will pick a specific day any minute now), and pick up the B & W version at MidOhio this weekend just to show us you love us.

Just made it to the printer for debut at MidOhio Con in two short weeks:

Allied Powers chapter one preview edition: the online comic will be rearing it’s head by the time the convention rolls around, but those who can’t wait to read the first chapter in all it’s glory will be able to enjoy the B & W version in print. Written by yours truly and illustrated by the indomitable Brent Bowman. Chapter one introduces most of our cast; future chapters will be set against the backdrop of some cool but lesser-known historical figures and events. All this, and FIST THUMPING ACTION!

The Enigma Foundation Grande Premiere Issue: also planned for online publication, but printed for your consumption anyway. I thought I’d take a break from The Ineffables to do… a book almost exactly like The Ineffables, actually. Doing a series of Character Wednesdays and working on projects with Brent and Steve gave me the urge to do something more “straight faced”. If The Ineffables is the Adam West Batman, consider this an old Jim Aparo issue. Same basic premise, different execution. Hope someone out there enjoys it (but rest assured, the Ineffables will be back in time for SPACE).
Those that crave more Ineffables will find a short story in the latest edition of Oh, Comics! from Bob Corby’s Back Porch Comics.

Here’s Brent’s previously seen splash page in glorious color!

I’m still loving this…
Dara asked me on the way to Gem City how much script I have written for the series; I told him I had none! As I wrote earlier, we’re doing this retro-Marvel style, with me providing short chapter summaries that he’ll illustrate and I’ll follow with script. Below is my plot for chapter three.
Chapter 3
Mister Liberty, Human Tank, Dunkirk Spirit and Code Talker have traveled to the Belorussian town of Novugrudek, having been sent to find a scientist their intelligence reports is being sought after by the Nazis. After a couple scenes of them avoiding Nazi patrols which are rounding up Jews, we see in flashback them getting their assignment in England from Churchill’s advisor (the same one seen in chapter one). Scene shifts back to present, where we see the nameless scientist being discovered in a safe house by a Nazi patrol. The Quartet intercedes and routes the Nazis (HT demonstrates in some fashion that his strength has increased recently), but before they can move on with their charge, a ragtag group of machine gun-toting individuals surrounds them.
Scene shifts to Colonel Styx and a group of Nazi soldiers; he is overseeing the search for the scientist, and is visiting a safe house they know he has been at in recent days. He is visibly displeased with his troops’ progress; to expedite matters, he gestures at a soldier and the man undergoes a gruesome transformation into a creature dubbed a “Bloodhound” (or the German translation thereof). Styx smiles as the newly created man-beast starts tracking the scientist.
ML, HT, CT & DS are led through the dense forest surrounding the town until they come to a hidden community of Jews living in the woods. The group’s leaders, the Bielski brothers (Tuvia, Zus, and Asael), give a tour of this thriving hidden community, boasting a synagogue, bathhouse, a theatre, and camouflaged dugouts built into the ground to provide shelter for their population of nearly one thousand. The Bielskis explain their mission to send fighting men into the ghettos to rescue Jews and provide them a safe haven in the surrounding forests, right under the Nazi’s noses.
Their tour is interrupted by the Bloodhound and a unit of German soldiers, who realize they have made a far greater discovery than they originally sought. The Nazis turn and race back into the woods to report to Styx what they have found; ML, HT, CT and DS, as well as the Bielskis, all get steely glares and resolve that the Nazis must not be allowed to report back. The chase is on!
(To Be Continued.)
Brent can turn that into 10-15 pages as he sees fit. I’m trying to incorporate lesser known true-life historical figures or events into the background of the sci-fi superhero story I have running over the ten chapters. The Bielski brothers and their hidden community described above are based in fact.
This chapter might be trimmed down a bit; it’s a little crowded with characters, but each one has a need to be there. I’m hoping that spreading the story over two chapters will help, but I’ll need input from Brent in order to decide, so this might not be the final version.

Brent just sent me this treat: the first page of our soon-to-be-webcomic. Apparently, he’s taken ill and farmed the work out to Gene Colan.
All kidding aside… I like this character because all she can do is fly, which should by itself be the coolest and most wonderful thing in the world; we comic readers are a bit jaded to that particular power, however. I hoped to depict the character in a fashion that returned a sense of wonder to that trait, which is something only a handful of artists I’ve seen can pull off. Brent nailed it here, in my eyes.

Here’s another character design he gave me earlier which I didn’t include in my previous post:

This is turning into a fun project.

While we were sitting around our tables at SPACE, Brent and I started discussing a possible collaboration. I mentioned I had an Invaders-style retro superhero story set during WW2 on my mind’s back burner and asked if he’d be interested in drawing it; he expressed some interest, so I sent him a rough outline; pictured below are the wonderful character designs I got back.

Here’s my description of these guys:

Mister Liberty: A Captain America type; slightly enhanced human– tougher faster stronger, etc.– who is the inspirational figure of the group. Used as a poster boy by the army for the war effort, recruiting, etc; is required to wear a costume that conceals the fact that he is a negro.

Code Talker- A native American who possesses the ability to understand any code or cipher, crack any safe combination, etc.

The Dunkirk Spirit: A British woman who possesses the power of flight. Her sexist superiors grudgingly employ her for courier or reconnaissance missions; she is angered by their reluctance to let her take a more active role in missions.

The Human Tank: (can’t tell much about him without spoilers. Read the comic when it goes online.)

(Brent also provided the names for Mr. L and the Tank.)

And here’s his take on the series’ main bad guy: the two faces of Colonel Styx.

The series, called “Allied Powers,” will go online soon; I’m plotting about ten chapters, 10-15 pages each. We’ll be doing it retro-Marvel style, with me supplying Brent a plot, him interpreting it visually, then me scripting. Stay tuned!

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