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Archive for the ‘art’ Category

I’ve always been a big fan of  the Filipino artists from the 60’s and ’70’s. these guys were amazing craftsmen, and yet they seem to have been mostly forgotten, at least by the mainstream comics fans.

I was trying to find a copy of Alfredo Alcala’s self published Filipino comic series Voltar online. No luck on the complete original comics (Although Warren’s “translated” reprints are available), but I found a lot of art samples online.

First, just as a reminder for those of you unfamiliar with him, here are some John Buscema pencils inked by Alcala.


I personally think that John Buscema is one of the greatest pencilers ever. I know alot of people resent him for various reasons, but as far as skill and versatility goes he still rates at the top for me. And Alcala’s  inking makes this true art.

So that was Alcala and Buscema, and here is Alcala’s Voltar art.This is right up there with Wrightson’s Frankenstein. I see some Dore influence, too and obviously Pyle. Sorry I’m gushing, but I LOVE this stuff.  It almost makes me want to stop drawing.

I featured this Ernie Chan piece for Splash Wednesday a few weeks back, so I thought maybe it’s time to spotlight a few more of his illustrations. The Savage Sword of Conan magazines would often times run artist portfolios in the back, and Chan was a regular. Here’s a look at 3 of his pieces:

…and speaking of “savage sword”…

Yikes. I think that’s the very essence of the barbarian.

But there’s more to Conan than just gratuitous violence and bloodshed. He’s also a ladies man:

And apparently an animal lover.

What Not – where can you find “Informal unspecified assorted material” from artists like Bill Sienkiewicz, Duncan Fegredo, Jock, Amanda Conner, and more? At What Not, that’s where.

Art by Jock

Johnson Cover Hi-Lo – comic book cover artist Dave Johnson talks about good and bad covers. Drop by to see what he finds wrong with this cover:


And be sure to check out the other great art blogs on the blogroll to the right.

…means being constantly attacked by small animals.

Well, according to these pulp mag covers, anyway.

And vicious turtles? Really?

(above. work by El Mac)


an engrossing interview with Robert Crumb. as only the Comics Journal can do it. After about three pages into it, I gave up and printed it out.  I enjoyed it but can’t stare at the screen for that long.


…and hopefully this video link works, if not check it out here. James Jean briefly talking about his overall career. From his time at SVA till now. Shot in the warehouse studio that he shares with David Choe. You can see some of Choe’s pieces in the background.

1-2-1 w/jeffstaple feat. James Jean from jeffstaple on Vimeo.

Supertype – a nice collection of comic book mastheads.

The Pictorial Arts Journal spotlights Frank Frazetta.

Will Schofield’s blog 50 Watts spotlights “Mid-20th-century science fiction and fantasy illustrations in America” with Fantastic Plangent.

Kevin Nolan is almost done with a fully painted 62-page Man-Thing graphic novel, begun back in the 80s with Steve Gerber. Expect it sometime in 2012.

And finally, Jason Kirk has put together a list of the Top 100 most prolific DC Comics writers.

“The most prolific DC writer of all time is Robert Kanigher who is responsible for 3.5% of all DC’s original output across their entire 75-years. Second to him is Gardner Fox. Together they are responsible for more than 5% of DC’s entire output…The most prolific DC female writer of all time is Gail Simone at No 42…The most prolific DC writer to start working after the Golden Age is Chuck Dixon at No. 3.”

Kanigher wrote 2,843 stories in 1,917 issues, for a total of 30,287 pages!

Get your art (re) appreciation on:

Re-paneled – “artists reimagine comic book panels”

Re-pulped – “artists remake pulp fiction covers”

Covered – “artists reinterpreting comic covers”

And don’t forget to check out the blogroll down the right hand side of this very blog for more goodies!

…has a blog!

Check it.

Sorry about the late notice, but I have a couple of pieces in a group show tonight at Skylab (Columbus).

Show runs from 6pm till 11pm.


For the past decade, Mark Buckingham has been best known as the artist on Fables, the Vertigo series about characters from fairy tales living in exile in a modern day US. But way before that, he was the artist on the Silver Age arc of Miracleman, written by Neil Gaiman. Here for your viewing pleasure is a few pages of his sketches, from the back of Miracleman #23.

Artist Tim Hawkinson created this amazing sculpture, which is on display at the Indianapolis Museum of Art:

“Möbius Ship also humorously refers to the mathematical concept of the Möbius Strip. Named after a nineteenth-century astronomer and mathematician, the Möbius Strip is a surface that has only one side, and exists as a continuous curve. Its simple yet complex spatial configuration presents a visual puzzle that parallels Hawkinson’s transformation of the mundane materials into something unexpected.”

(via boingboing)

I’m too exhausted to post anything significant, but after 2 days of Comfest, I think the title of this piece says it all:

Strange days indeed. Zap it up. Feed your brain.

This is Brendan McCarthy art, from Strange Days #2, published by Eclipse Comics, February, 1985.

Just a quick note about a great comic book related event that will benefit a charity right here in Central Ohio: many of Columbus’ comic book creators are banding together under the banner of the Columbus Comics Creator Coalition (C-4). And to kick off our first event, we’re putting on an art show (including live art sketching) at the cool WHAT THE ROCK?! boutique in Columbus’ Short North, this Saturday, June 4, from 5-9 pm.

The evening will feature a raffle with various prizes, including original artwork and comic books by area writers and illustrators. Raffle tickets will be exchanged for cans of food or sold for $1 apiece. All funds will benefit the Mid Ohio Foodbank.

Hope you can make it.

I first became familiar with David Aja’s fantastic artwork when he was penciling Iron Fist for Marvel a few years back. He’s been mostly MIA lately, doing an odd cover here and a short story there. But I just saw this variant cover he did for Green Arrow #12, and I love it.

This reminds me that I need to do a 7 Covers feature on Aja one of these days…

Regular readers of the blog know that I’m a big fan of artist Eric Canete. Well, it’s come to my attention that Eric is looking to raise enough funds to publish an art book, titled ENCOR[e].

He’s doing so via Kickstarter. A quick look this morning shows that he’s already exceeded his $15,500 goal, but if you’d like to throw your support behind the project and get some swag in return, by all means click the Kickstarter link above.

In the meantime, this is another perfect opportunity to feature some gorgeous Canete eye candy.

(via Comics Alliance)


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