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Archive for the ‘art’ Category

Hey, thanks to everyone who came out to see us at Ace of Cups this weekend. Next time we’ll, uh, try to post something about it before the show.

In coming attractions, here’s a detail from Tom’s and my story for Panel 20: Columbus. Why yes, that is a gorilla climbing the Leveque Tower.


Why would there be a gorilla on the Leveque Tower? You’ll find out.

And in Persia Blues news, here’s a detail of a lion fight.

lion fight sequence

You had me from “lion fight.”

Persia Blues is coming your way this fall from NBM Publications, from Dara “Duke” Naraghi and Boisterous Brent Bowman.

The hardest-working man in Columbus comix, Ken Eppstein, is curating an exhibit about the process of creating comic books from script to print from Feb. 7-23 at the Ohio Art League. The show also functions as a pop-up shop for local creators, including yours truly.

But you don’t just want to see art or buy comix. You want an experience, man. Ken’s got you covered for that, too.

Thursday, Feb. 7. 5-8 p.m.: Reception. It’s also your first chance to cop Nix Quarterly No. 5!

Reception event on facebook

Saturday, Feb. 10, 4 p.m.: The History of Ohio Art with Caitlin McGurk, Engagement Coordinator at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library

Rumor this will be people bitching that Daryll Banks doesn’t get more work, and Bob Corby drunkenly demanding royalties from everyone.

Saturday, Feb. 16. 4 p.m. Diversity Among Comic Creators in Columbus Panel Discussion led by Victor Dandridge, Vantage Inhouse Productions

Friday, Feb. 22, 7 p.m.: Using Journalism to Create Comics presented by Derf Backderf

This features Derf, whose “My Friend Dahmer” landed on Time Magazine’s list of best nonfiction books. Not best nonfiction comic books. Best nonfiction books.

… and then it’s magic marker time!


Holy hannah, this one has been in process for a long time.

Holy Hannah, this one has been in-process for a long time. I am rusty as heck.

Via Smithsonian magazine, here’s the Earliest Known Artist’s Studio.

An abalone shell recovered from Blombos Cave and a grindstone covered in red ochre. Image © Science/AAAS

Call it an early artist’s studio or a primitive chemist’s lab: Last week scientists announced the discovery of a 100,000-year-old paint-processing workshop in a cave in South Africa, where early humans stored paint mixtures in shell containers. The finding demonstrates that our ancestors had some basic understanding of chemistry and a capacity for long-term planning at this early point in our species’ history, the researchers reported in Science.

As you all know, “anatomically modern humans” have been around for about 200,000 years. But until recently, it was thought that we didn’t become “behaviorally” human (ie. having culture and art and stuff) until 70,000 years ago. Finds like this extend the human story farther into the past.

For a sense of scale, the beginning of Western civilization is often set at the invention of cuneiform writing in Mesopotamia, a mere 6,000 years ago. But by that point, the story had been going on for at least 94,000 years.


I finally sat down last week and started drawing. I haven’t drawn any new Downs since the Gordon Lightfoot/HP Lovecraft mashup (“Terror in the Dark”) nearly two years ago, although I’ve contributed to the Panel anthologies.

Blood on the dance floor

Naturally, I’ve set myself up something at the outer edges of my abilities, a big establishing shot of a nightclub. I have the room mostly set, and now I just need to draw in 50 or so spear-carriers and ink the dang thing. And then do the other five pages.

It feels good.

The Robot 6 blog at CBR has a semi-regular feature called Greatest Comic of All Time, and they recently spotlighted this delightfully bizarre and colorful small-press comic from 1971, Light Comitragies, by Greg Irons with an art assist by Sheridan Irons and prose excerpts by Tom Veitch.

Go check it out!

A couple of days ago, over at my personal blog, I featured the old British anthology series A1 as part of the Indie Cover Spotlight feature. In a happy bit of synchronicity, Bleeding Cool is now reporting that editor Dave Elliott is bringing A1 back, some 20+ years later, via Heavy Metal magazine.

Odyssey, art by Toby Cypress

Weirdling Willows, art by Sami Basri

The original A1 was a square-bound, black & white anthology of 80-100 pages, published by Atomeka Press. And the books were just chock full of legendary British and European talent: Alan Moore, Eddie Campbell, Dave McKean, Glenn Fabry, Grant Morrison, Moebius, John Bolton, Brian Bolland, and tons more. It doesn’t look like the new series will match that same star power, but I’m still quite interested in checking it out.

And dig this: there’s also a new story from Mark A. Nelson, another great artist who has been absent from the comics field for a long, long time.

Bandits, by Mark Nelson

CBR has a preview of the upcoming Man-Thing one-shot, by Steve Gerber and Kevin Nowlan.

From legendary creators Kevin Nowlan and the late, great Steve Gerber comes the highly-anticipated supernatural epic that’s 20 years in the making! When the Man-Thing resurfaces, it must solve the mystery of the “Screenplay of the Living Dead Man” – and it’s the only thing that can!

The book will be out in July. I was never a Man-Thing fan, but this looks very cool.

Check out the cover to Hulk #53, by artist Dale Eaglesham:

That’s a lovely design, the first part of a storyline apparently called “Mayan Rule.”

Equally eye catching, though in a more traditional style, here are the covers to Hulk #55 and #56 (54 not so much), also by Dale Eaglesham:

A funny look at the overused and cliched covers for urban fantasy and paranormal genre books:

(I recommend muting the sound as you watch, to avoid the crappy soundtrack)

Matt, feel free to use this for your book covers feature.

Look what the blog Giant Size Marvel dug up:

Robert Crumb, as channeled by Jim Steranko!

(via CBR)

From Ruben Bolling’s Tom the Dancing Bug:

If you like Ruben’s comics, be sure to check out his Inner Hive, where for $9.99 every six months, you get his latest comic emailed to you a day before publication, plus access to additional content like sketches, unused scripts, and giveaways

I know Matt Kish will appreciate this:

Notebook Nerd – A Solo Exhibition Featuring 50 NEW Ballpoint Pen Drawings on Notebook Paper

Comic book artist Jim Rugg (“Street Angel” and “Afrodisiac” ) has a solo show at the iam8bit gallery in Los Angeles.

The apparel site WeLoveFine.com apparently had a “design an Avengers t-shirt” contest, and they’ve posted the winners. This one came in first, and I have to agree, it’s a nice design:

However, I’m rather partial to this one:

(via Comics Alliance)

Hold on a second… teenagers—in a Model T—running over a tall leprechaun?

Yeah, that can only be Ross Hardy’s handiwork. From “Luck of the Irish”…

Ross Hardy's Leprechaun


Four more days, folks! You can get your copy starting Saturday morning at SPACE!


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