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Archive for the ‘weekend versus’ Category

In an all-mutant extravaganza, this weekend we take a look at Exiles vs. X-Men:

Second-rate Liefeld art, giant manga eyes, 90s “extreme” art, 80s giant hair, lightning bolt across Beast’s crotch…and more mutants than you can shake a stick at. Bring it!

Um, not sure why there’s an Ultraverse logo on this book, though.

This weekend, we look at a crossover of epic proportions: Dethklok vs. The Goon:

That’s right, Marvel’s half man, half machine Deathlok the Demolisher battles again Eric Powell’s creator-owned character, The Goon. Technology, monsters, knife to the eye, and more in the pages of…

What’s that?

Oh. I see. Not Deathlok, but Dethklok, the virtual heavy metal band featured in the Adult Swim animated program Metalocalypse. My bad.

Um, I guess I don’t have a joke for that.

After all the contrived and artificially forced comic book crossovers I’ve featured in this category over the years, this weekend’s is one that actually seems like a natural: Daredevil vs. The Punisher #1:

David Lapham, no stranger to crime comics, writes and draws this mini-series about two of Marvel’s “street level” vigilantes. I haven’t actually read it, but it seems a natural pairing of characters and creator.

Travel with us to the comic book dark ages, 1992, for the parody comic nobody demanded: Big Berd Versus Arnold Schwarzenheimer #2:

Was there really a demand for a Sesame Street/Arnorld Schwarzenegger mashup comic? More importantly, was this tale so clever, so funny, so innovative, that it required two issues to tell?


For this weekend’s comic book crossover, we dig deep into the back issue longbox of obscure indie books for Asrial vs. Cheetah #1:

I don’t know anything about this book or the characters, other than they’re from a couple of popular and long-running titles (Ninja High School and Gold Digger, respectively). And I only know that because it says so on the cover. A cover marred by a horribly designed and colored Asrial logo, and generic computer colored backgrounds.

I do like the cute little combat slippers Cheetah is wearing, though.

It’s monster vs. monster! Green Goliath vs. Green Goliath! It’s…Hulk vs. Fin Fang Foom:

It’s “the most cosmic clashes of all time…collected for the first time!” That’s right, Mighty Marvel brings you Thor vs. Ego #1:

That would be Thor, god of Thunder, versus Ego the Living Planet. What could be more thunderously cosmic than that?

A few weeks back we looked at this epic battle, and now comes the sequel: Monkey vs. Robot 2.

Apparently neither won the first battle.

Another weekend, another craptacular comic book character crossover comic: Painkiller Jane vs. The Darkness.

Also known as Leather-crotch McMummy Boobs vs. Silky Long Hair Man.

Oops, with everything going on this holiday weekend, I almost forgot to post another comic book crossover. So here you go: Mutants vs. Ultras

Remember back in the 90s when Malibu Comics had a big hit with its Ultraverse? Remember when Marvel bought them out, mainly to get their hands on their coloring studio? Remember how they made a lame-ass attempt at publishing some of the Ultraverse comics, then just abandoned them with little fanfare? Remember when Wolverine had massive neck veins and Juggernaut would sling spittle like it was going out of style?

I don’t either, because the 90s era of comic books sucked, and so did the Ultraverse.

Let’s keep it simple this weekend with James Kochalka’s Monkey vs. Robot:

So, to review: Monkey. Robot. Fight.

The end.

Sorry for the by week last weekend, but I was at Mid-Ohio-Con and didn’t find the time. Anyway, let’s get back to it, shall we? This weekend’s comic book crossover is The New Wave vs. The Volunteers:

In 3D, no less! This 2-issue mini-series was published by Eclipse Comics in 1987, and was written by Mindy Newell and penciled by Gerald Forton (who?). The New Wave was a book by Newell and Lee Weeks that apparently lasted 10 issues. I’m not quite sure if The Volunteers had their own title, or were characters from the New Wave book. Anyway, there you have it. Oh, and one more thing:

“Look out! He’s bustin’ loose!”

Heh, heh, that’s what she said.

It’s Halloween weekend, and even though Thanksgiving hasn’t rolled around yet, that doesn’t mean retailers haven’t already started putting up their Christmas displays. So we here at Ferret Manor will follow suit, and provide you with a comic book crossover this weekend that encompasses both the spirit of Halloween, and the Holidays, with Paul Dini’s Jingle Belle: Santa Clause vs. Frankenstein.

Happy holidays (whichever you prefer!)

Continuing our salute to Halloween, this week we take a look at the last issue of the mini-series featuring Marvel’s own version of the devil, with Mephisto vs. The Avengers:

From the GCD synopsis: “Mephisto gloats over the souls of the X-Men but sets his sights on an even better prize; Mephisto battles the Avengers and Hela for the soul of Thor; And even though Mephisto seems to lose, he feels that he has set events in motion that will allow him to win in the long run.”

Once again, the team of “Affable” Al Milgrom (writer) and John Buscema (art) brings you this titanic tale of comic book crossover conflict.

Sorry for the skip week last weekend. I was in New York for the NYCC show, and didn’t get around to posting. So in order to make up for that, here are two more entries in honor of Halloween month!

Continuing with the mini-series featured last time, here are Mephisto vs. The X-Factor and Mephisto vs. The X-Men:

Once again, “Affable” Al Milgrom is on writing duties, with the artwork and covers for both issues provided by John Buscema.


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