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Archive for the ‘Splash Wednesday’ Category

I recently read Get Jiro!, the “foodie” graphic novel by chef and travel show host Anthony Bourdain. I wasn’t familiar with artist Langdon Foss’ work prior to this, but really enjoyed it. Here’s a splash page depicting a busy kitchen in one of the antagonist’s many corporate restaurants:

Foss has that clean line style down perfect. His work reminds me a lot of the late, great Seth Fisher.

We’ve featured Mr. Aja here before, but it never hurts to see more of his work:

From The Immortal Iron Fist, published by Marvel Comics.

Ah, what the heck, here’s some old school black & white T&A for Splash Wednesday:

This Shanna the She-Devil story is by writer Steve Gerber the late artist Tony DeZuniga, from Rampaging Hulk #9, Marvel Comics, April 1978.

(via Diversions of the Groovy Kind)

Jeff Lemire made a name for himself with his indie comics, most notably his Essex County trilogy, before doing work for DC and Vertigo. Here’s a splash page from his Vertigo series, Sweet Tooth, issue #24:

I read the first issue of this series, but found it too decompressed for my tastes, although I may give it another try in trade form, if I can get them from the library. I am, however, really digging his work as a writer on Animal Man.

I recently read Australian cartoonist Pat Grant’s graphic novel Blue, and although I found it a bit light on story, I absolutely loved his artwork. So here is one of the many splash pages from the book:

Blue is an allegorical tale tackling racism and immigration, but through the lens of a fictional alien race that moves into a small Australian surf town. I won’t get into a review here, but like I said, the artwork is delightfully stylized and organic.

Best of all, if you’d like to read the entirety of book, you can do so for free on his website here.

Although best known for his Sgt. Rock comics, Kubert has a wide body of work. This is from Tarzan #230, published by DC Comics, 1974.

(via Daily Splash Page)

I never picked up this series, but I love this “splash” page!

From The Heckler #2, published by DC Comics, October 1992.

Ernesto “Ernie” Chan passed away last week. I’ll always remember him for his gritty, textured art from the Savage Sword of Conan magazine.

Remember Thor #380, the all splash-page issue?

Yeah you do.

Thos #380, Marvel Comics, 1987.

Man, I could just do months and months of this feature from that single issue. Simonson at the top of his game. Gorgeous stuff.

(scan from Daily Splash Page)

OK, I realize I may be the only one on this blog who even knows who Kent Burles is, but screw it. I’ve been going down memory lane on my personal blog for the Indie Cover Spotlight, and since I’ve talked a lot about the fantasy book The Adventurers, I figured it’s time to post a page from it.

This is from Adventurers #0, published by Adventure Publications, 1986.

There was a certain…refined grotesqueness (for lack of a better phrase) quality to Burles’ artwork on this book that always appealed to me. It worked especially well for depicting the monsters in the fantasy realm of the book.

Here’s a look at some of his non-genre art.

You want a splash page? Here’s a splash page for ya:

Green Hills of Earth, from Panel 19


Theseus Moore and the Green Hills of Earth stand alone against the Ravari Horde, with the Earth in the balance! Theseus’ shields are elmo, and the Ravari have their atom-cannons primed! They mean to burn the Earth to a cinder!

“For the Green:” A deadly game of 20-gee cat & mouse, set among the 64 moons of Jupiter! It’s a five-page epic that will rock your face off and forever vanquish the evil forces of decompression! Blasting off from Panel 19: Green, it’s a ray gun to the face from 1948, by way of 1976!

If you crave satisfaction, here’s the place to find that action! Don’t ask … just buy it!

(Pictures by Battlin’ Craig Bogart, words by Annotatin’ Anthony Goins. This is definitely the most Easter Eggs I have ever put in a comic.)


Since Matt and Tony were discussing James Robinson’s Starman in the comments section, I thought it appropriate to feature this page by artist Tony Harris:

From Starman #1 DC Comics, 1994.

(via The Daily Splash Page)

I’m not sure where I found this particular image, but it looks to be page 22 of a DC book featuring Solomon Grundy.

Pencils by Bernie Wrightson, inks bt Kevin Nowlan.

This isn’t technically a splash page, but rather the inside front cover illustration for the hardcover graphic novel, Spider-man: Spirits of the Earth:

The book was written and illustrated by Charles Vess, and published by Marvel in 1990. The story takes Spider-man to Scotland, on a second honeymoon with his wife Mary Jane, wherein he runs afoul of a haunted castle.

It’s in full color, as you would expect, but this illustration in simple black and white is absolutely beautiful.

Sorry, I skipped a week last Wednesday. So let’s get right to it:

Adam Warlock, from Strange Tales #179, published by Marvel Comics, January, 1975.

Bonus: here are the original inks and paste ups:

(images from Diversions of a Groovy Kind)


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