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First things first, I made sure the title of this post reflected the tardiness of it.

Moving on…I have good news and bad news. First the good news: check out this gorgeous page you get to guess the artist of…

And now the bad news: Monday Morning Guess the Artist is once again going on an indefinite hiatus. The reason is two-foled: I just don’t have many pages left that I can scan, and more importantly, my free time these days is very limited.

I may, on occasion, run a page, but unless folks send me in some scans, the regular weekly posts will end as of today. According to the category count, this is post #278 in this feature, so there’s quite a hefty back issue bin for you, if you ever get bored and/or nostalgic.

I want to thank all the regulars who would play along week after week (you know who you are, but most notably Sterg and Nate). I tried to broaden the audience for this feature, but was never quite able to gain any traction. But I still had fun challenging you with pages, and it was always great to see the guesses from my fellow PANEListas. And hey, Tony and Matt even racked a few wins!

But for now, let’s us bid adieu to MMGtA.

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10 Responses to “Monday Evening “Guess the Artist””

  • craig b says:

    The woman in the background is telling me John Buscema. The foreground figure not so much, but I’ll go with that anyway.

  • Tony Goins says:

    Bummer, man. I’m going to guess Bart Sears, just for old times.

  • Brent says:

    Alfredo Alcala, or Buscema inked by Alcala.
    Sad to see this go, but hopefully its just a break.

  • Brent says:

    D’oh. The more i look at it, the more i see Nestor Redondo.

  • I’ve been checking out this site for years, now, without actually getting involved. Yup, sounds a bit creepy and stalker-ish, doesn’t it? Anyway, I’ll be extremely sorry to see Guess The Artist go so I thought I’d finally take a guess – Gene Colan, inked by someone who isn’t Tom Palmer?

  • Tony Goins says:

    Feel free to send in your own entries!

  • sterg says:

    I am going to miss regular postings, too. Thank you for all the years of doing this feature!

    If I ever find any good entries, I will send them your way…

    I am going to guess Jim Aparo, because why not?

  • Andy Bennett says:

    Actually kind of has a lot of Joe Kubert qualities, to me…

  • Nate says:

    I’m going with a younger Kubert. Adam maybe?
    While the feature will be missed, I’ll still be popping in to check out updates on what you’re doing, the splash pages, cover galleries, etc. Thanks for doing this. It always brightened my Monday.

  • Dara says:

    First of all, a belated “welcome” to Paul, with whom I collaborated on the Cory Doctorows “Craphound” issue for IDW.

    Also, good to see great participation on this last installment of MMGtA. Craig was the first with a correct guess.

    Answer: This is Big John Buscema, from Marvel Preview #16, published in 1977.

    Well, that’ll do it for the foreseeable future, but keep your eyes on our RSS feed, as I’ll come back for an occasional page here and there.


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