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Apparently after finding out that the city of Cleveland benefited from The Avengers filming part of its movie there – to the tune of $30 million – Columbus mayor Michael Coleman is jonesing for some of that sweet L.A. cash. So says The Lantern:

Columbus aims to reel in movie-making money

“In 2011, about $3.7 million was spent in Central Ohio on film projects. In contrast, about $68 million was spent in Cleveland and Akron and almost $30 million was spent in Cincinnati in 2011, according to the Ohio Film Office.”

They even get a quote from The Laughing Ogre’s manager, and our pal, Stang:

“Apart from financial gain, Jeff Stang, store manager of Laughing Ogre Comics, located at 4258 N. High St., said he didn’t see a good reason why a film like “The Avengers” should shoot in Columbus.

“See, the problem is that most of the Marvel universe takes place in New York City, so you have to find something that can model either New York City or one of the boroughs, or something like that, and Columbus just doesn’t have the skyline to do it,” Stang said.”

C’mon, Stang, why you gotta be like that? Where’s the love? I once saw an episode of a TV show that was ostensibly set on the campus of “The Ohio State University,” except that in the background you saw palm trees between the buildings. If L.A. can double for C-Bus, C-Bus can double for NYC. It’s all movie magic, baby!

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One Response to “Mayor Coleman wants some of that Hollywood money”

  • Film Maker says:

    I am actually appalled..
    If Mayor Coleman wants his “piece of the pie, he could start by supporting the already established indie film community!!!!!

    Columbus actually has a HUGE film community, and participates regularly in film events that the mainstream media fails/neglects to cover because it’s not “Newsworthy”.
    To quote the article “McClure, whose organization is a non-profit and is self-funded, said that his organization was working with Coleman’s office to come up with a plan to bring Hollywood to Columbus.” Where in fact SEVERAL organizations have been trying to for years. The Columbus film council holds the Chris Awards which is going on 60 years, also the longest running film festival in the COUNTRY, as well as Columbus has sent winners to Cannes the past few years from the 48 Hour Film Festival competition. Lets not forget the groups like Mid Ohio Filmmakers who aid in the education and film community spirit.

    As for the statement “Columbus would have to go to Hollywood first, That’s where you connect with the studios, directors, writers, producers” however a portion of this is correct, there is a significantly large portion of this that is incorrect. There are a few very well connected people in Columbus who can make bridges to the Los Angeles film community, the problem is until now no one cared. True they are not going to come here on their own but we as a city also have a lot work to do to make them want to come here. Our roadways are a nightmare as well as public transit is horrible, and this town closes at 10pm. Why under those conditions would they want to come to Columbus !

    What I find extremely disturbing is the comment “”We do not have any infrastructure in place to send people out to L.A.,” Harden said. “It takes a lot of money to do that, time and also staffing.” There is a good reason why there is little to no infrastructure. There’s no support from both community or government when it comes to production companies or studios in Columbus. Sure it takes money to build a sound stage, build up an equipment supply, as well as find staff. Yet, please correct me if I am wrong, do we not have Columbus state, Ohio State, and CCAD who all offer courses in film and production. The reason those graduates LEAVE Ohio is that there is no business here to offer them jobs. The only thing that holds forward movement back is funding. Banks do not like to lend to you when you say I want to start a production company/studio, and the city doesn’t just hand out money to people who have the experience, but not the funds to build the businesses.

    So who am I to put in my 2 cents ?
    I have been deeply involved within the Columbus film community for over 10 years, as well as have relatives who actively work within the film industry in LA. I see what goes on in the front lines and how hard it is in this town to get funding and support in the entertainment industry. If Coleman truly wants to get his piece of the action, then it would be within his best interest to get involved with the existing film community and help us, as Hollywood is NOT going to go to a town where there are no facilities or people who know how to function in a Hollywood environment.


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