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Holy hannah, it’s a done-in-one!

I’m about a month late mentioning this, but Mr. Terrific No. 6 was a one-issue shot. In it, Mr. T fights an immaterial Frenchman, reminisces with an ex-girlfriend, and saves the day … all in 22 (or was it just 20?) pages.

It’s pretty standard superheroics, but we get some good characterization and some clever action. I’m continuing to enjoy Michael Holt’s point of view.

Meanwhile, around the NuDC, Batman’s feud with the Court of Owls spun its wheels, with a “Luke I Am Your Father”-caliber reveal. Shoehorning a new villain into the hero’s past is one of my least favorite tropes. It’s a way to build cheap heat around a new villain. And in Wonder Woman, the Amazons have been pretty heavily damaged, and there’s no hint of a plot yet.

Mr. Terrific has one more issue to go, and I’m going to miss it when it’s gone.

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11 Responses to “NuDC: Mr. Terrific gets it done in 1 issue”

  • Dara says:

    Although I appreciated the done-in-one issue, and I’m sad to see Mister Terrific come to an end, the book let me down more often than not. I still think he’s a great character with lots of potential, but this series just didn’t gel for me. Maybe James Robinson can do better with him in the Earth Two book.

  • Tony Goins says:

    “James Robinson” and “Earth Two” are two phrases virtually guaranteed to chase me away from a comic book. Show me something new.

  • Dara says:

    I thought you were a big Robinson fan, Tony. Although, I must admit, I saw what he was doing on the JLA title before the reboot and it didn’t look very interesting.

  • Tony Goins says:

    I have a complicated relationship with James Robinson. I was a big fan of his work on Firearm and WildCATS, and Starman was one of the books that got me back into comics. The Golden Age is still a great book.

    But then Starman kind of disappeared up its own ass, and his work since then has left me cold.

    So … I’m probably too hard on him. “I like his earlier work better,” I guess.

  • Tony Goins says:

    Phrases like “I was a big fan of his work on WildCATS” are why nobody listens to my opinion around here.

  • Matt Kish says:

    “Starman was one of the books that got me back into comics. The Golden Age is still a great book.”

    I’m sure you’ll take this as snark even though it’s not. “Starman” by Robinson ended 11 years ago and “The Golden Age” came out in 1993. I guess in comic years that’s not too long, but it’s long enough for any creator to change pretty drastically. Chances are, he’s not going back if he hasn’t in the last decade.

    As for your final comment on WildCATS, well…Spla-DOW. You said it, not me.

  • Tony Goins says:

    Starman ended for me 12 or 13 years ago.

    And I’d like to add that I enjoyed Alan Moore’s run on WildCATS, as well as Joe Casey’s.

  • Tony Goins says:

    Alan Moore’s work on Voodoo was just OK.

  • Matt Kish says:

    “Voodoo” was not as good as “Devil Dinosaur” though.

  • craig b says:

    Matt, please tell me you’re joking and there wasn’t a crappy modern retake on Devil Dinosaur. Gaiman’s Eternals was punishment enough.

  • Matt Kish says:

    Craig, while I believe there actually was some crappy modern retake on Devil Dinosaur, in my comment I was actually referring to Kirby’s original creation. Because Kirby’s Devil Dinosaur really was better than Voodoo, Moore or otherwise. And I type, with absolute sincerity and not a whiff of irony, that Kirby’s Devil Dinosaur is a damn sight better than an awful lot of titles. I genuinely love the silly fun of that book and wish it had lasted 100 issues. With the King on board, of course.


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