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It was a week that nearly broke the comic book Internet in half, gave retailers a queasy feeling, and set rabid comic fans ranting and raving across the blogosphere. And when it was all said and done, DC Comics had announced their 52 new #1 titles for the big September relaunch.

Now, instead of adding to the chorus of opinion pages and rants, I’m just going to follow up on my earlier post (The great 21st century DC Comics reboot 52 title Guess-a-palooza) where I tried to guess what all the titles would be. As you recall, 11 of them had already been announced, and quite a few more were making the rounds on the rumor mill before I put my list together. Anyway, let’s see how I did. I’ll list the official list, with commentary on how I did next to it:


  1. JLA – the first 11 titles were already a “gimme”
  2. Wonder Woman
  3. Aquaman
  4. Flash
  5. Fury of Firestorm
  6. The Savage Hawkman
  7. Green Arrow
  8. Justice League Internationsl
  9. Mister Terrific
  10. Captain Atom
  11. DC Universe Presents
  12. Green Lantern – guessed it (the GL titles were rather obvious)
  13. Green Lantern Corps – guessed it
  14. Green Lantern: The New Guardians – guessed it (I called it “a Green Lantern spin-off with all the color lanterns”)
  15. Red Lanterns – guessed it
  16. Batman – guessed it
  17. Detective Comics – guessed it
  18. Batman & Robin – missed
  19. Batman: The Dark Knight – guessed it
  20. Birds of Prey – guessed it
  21. Catwoman – missed
  22. Batwoman – guessed it
  23. Batgirl – guessed it (lots of rumors around this one, but I didn’t think DC would go there)
  24. Nightwing – guessed it
  25. Red Hood and the Outlaws – missed
  26. Batwing – missed
  27. Swamp Thing – guessed it
  28. Animal Man – missed
  29. Justice League Dark – missed (I did guess Shade the Changing man, who’s in this book, but I won’t count it)
  30. Demon Knights – missed (my guess was Viking Prince or some “fantasy series” but I’m not going to count that)
  31. Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE – missed
  32. Resurrection Man – missed
  33. I, Vampire – missed
  34. Voodoo – missed
  35. Legion Lost – missed
  36. Legion of Superheroes – guessed it
  37. Teen Titans – guessed it
  38. Static Shock – guessed it
  39. Hawk & Dove – guessed it
  40. Stormwatch – missed (I guessed WildCATS instead)
  41. Blackhawks – missed
  42. Sgt. Rock & The Men of War – guessed it
  43. All-Star Western – guessed it (I guessed Jonah Hex, which is essentially this book, so I’m counting it)
  44. Deathstroke – guessed it
  45. Grifter – guessed it
  46. OMAC – guessed it
  47. Suicide Squad – missed
  48. Blue Beetle – guessed it
  49. Superman: The Man of Tomorrow – guessed it
  50. Superboy – guessed it
  51. Supergirl – missed
  52. Action Comics – guessed it

OK, so if my math is correct, with 36 correct titles, I scored a 69% (heh heh). If we exclude the 11 titles that were already announced, my score drops down to 60%.

Books I guessed that didn’t make the official list:

  1. JSA
  2. Edge (a rumored book, but turned out to be the “banner” for a bunch of thematically-related books)
  3. Dark (see above)
  4. My Greatest Adventure (coming later in the year, but not a part of the official relaunch titles)
  5. Batman Inc. (see above)
  6. Steel
  7. Ambush Bug
  8. Shazam
  9. Trinty: Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman (I guess with them being in JLA, this is rather redundant…not that that’s stopped the Big 2 before)
  10. Batman Beyond (I bet this will return later in the year)
  11. Dr. Fate
  12. Xombi (it was getting fantastic reviews, but alas the sales were terrible, so not a big surprise)
  13. The Question (I was certain the lesbian angle would make this a sure bet)
  14. WildCATS
  15. Shade the Changing Man
  16. Viking Prince (hey, it was a wild ass guess…though i was right about them doing a fantasy series)

So there you have it.

Finally, some random thoughts:

  • The absence of Steel surprised me. Seems like a missed opportunity, especially in light of their supposed strive towards more diversity in the line
  • Swamp Thing was a no-brainer.
  • I love what Scott Snyder has been doing with batman in Detective Comics. Moving him to Batman is fine, but I can’t stand Greg Capullo’s art. Ugh.
  • Speaking of Batman, I’m a bit surprised by how Bat-heavy the Batman Family of titles are. 10 books in that line, compared to only 4 in Superman’s family.
  • No JSA? Also surprising, unless it’s coming back later in the year.
  • I, Vampire and Voodoo (especially the former) seem aimed at tweens and teens, maybe? If so, good for DC. Hope it works out for them.
  • Meet the new Teen Titans, aka Image’s Cyberforce from the 90s. Ugh.
  • 3 relaunched Wildstorm titles? Seems too much to me, but then again I never read any of those books, so clearly not my thing.
  • Rob Liefeld? Really?
  • It would have been nice to have seen another Milestone book on the list. Oh well.

In the interest of trying to say positive things, I’ll leave you with a selection of my favorite covers from the ones revealed so far:

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3 Responses to “How’d I do in the great 21st century DC Comics reboot 52 title Guess-a-palooza?”

  • Tony says:

    Batwoman, Batgirl and Batwing? That does seem a little excessive.

    I’m kind of impressed by how many eras of DC are represented here. We’ve got the old standbys like Batman and Superman, some 80s books like Suicide Squad and JLI, some 90s fare like Resurrection Man and the Wildstorm books. I’m attributing Swamp Thing, Firestorm and Hawkman to the 70s, and there are some real oldies like Sgt. Rock and Blackhawk.

    I grew up on the Grifter, and I’m happy to see him back. I don’t care who knows it.

    “I, Vampire” — ? Does that mean we’re getting the comics return of Andrew Bennett?!?!?!

  • Dara says:

    I just saw the official solicitation copy, and for the “I, Vampire” book, it looks like they changed the main character’s name to Andrew Stanton.

    WTH? That’s a slap in the face for PANELista Andy Bennett, and Andrew Bennetts the world over!

  • Andy Bennett says:

    You’re DEAD TO ME, DC comics.


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