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The Don/Goody Rickles Character Wednesday bonanza reminded me of another comic I’ve had waiting to be featured on the blog which showcases a character plucked from reality. Since this particular issue is under the Marvel banner and thus set in our own “real world” as mentioned before, it makes perfect sense that the guest star of the book be someone with real superhuman powers!

Daredevil #133

Mind-Wave and his Think Tank have rolled into New York, and Daredevil is powerless to stop him! The European master criminal possesses the power to read his foes’ minds in order to counter any attack before it can even be launched. Not only can he broadcast mental commands to his gang of armed thugs, but he also mentally controls the Think Tank as it lumbers down the center of the city street, blasting holes in whatever building he wishes to rob before making a quick, silent getaway (?). An encounter with the villain in the opening scenes of the story ends poorly for DD, but before the reader can wonder how our hero can stop this menace, he is whisked away by his police contact to a meeting with the D.A., who has called in a specialist:

Uri Geller!

The famous mentalist briefly proves the reality of his powers and explains how he has been tracking Mind Wave from Europe himself, then it’s off to the races as the alarm is sounded that the giant tank rumbling through downtown has been spotted by keen-eyed observers and Daredevil swings into action. His new mentalist friend has to follow in a cab, so DD arrives first and suffers another embarrassing scuffle with Mind-Wave and his know-what-you’re-going-to-do-before-you-do-it power. All seems lost until the villain suddenly senses the presence of another powerful mind as Uri Geller charges onto the scene…

I could show you scans of DD cleaning up the suddenly directionless henchmen, but you’d much rather see this: the master of mental spoon-bending using his powers to rewire the villain’s ray gun! Bend steel pipes in mid-combat! Forming a barred window into a prison for his foe! All while Geller and Mind-Wave shout back and forth in thought balloons…

(“Curse you, Geller!  Curse you!“– I’ll bet Uri has that page of original art hanging on his living room wall…)

Uri Geller has obviously been holding back in his stage show! One wonders why a person of such power would be featured in a B-list book like Daredevil, but it makes a kind of sense; put him in Thor, and the Absorbing Man would be mind-bent in two panels after touching his own ball and chain. In Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus’ tentacles would be effortlessly tangled by this hero, and an FF appearance would last a couple pages before he took a psychic can opener to Doc Doom’s armor. Okay, a Daredevil appearance could have instead featured a far more amusing encounter with the Stilt-Man, but why add to that villain’s already impressive list of humiliations?

Bob Brown draws, Marv Wolfman writes– almost certainly wondering what they did to make their editor mad enough to give them this assignment.

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