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Another year, another Mid-Ohio-Con. You know what that means, right? It’s time once again for the Bankies! First suggested by PANELista Tony Goins, and named after Jason Lee’s character in Mallrats, the Bankies are our random awards for various and sundry aspects of comic book conventions. Contributors this year include myself, Tony, Tom Williams, Andy Bennett, Brent Bowman, and Craig Bogart.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Bankies:

  • Charlie Sheen Award for Sexist Jackass of the Show – goes to one of the guys (incidentally, the one who was the more overweight and less shaven of the two) running the booth next to me that was selling a comic collector-type product, who kept getting attractive female cosplayers to pose for photos in front of his booth, holding his product like a Price Is Right model. To make it even creepier, he went into full-on amateur photographer mode, instructing them where to stand, how to pose, etc. Bonus: bragging about the “hot chick into comics” that he dated back in high school. Right. To borrow a phrase straight out of comics: “an imaginary story…”
  • Charlie Sheen’s Ex-wives Award for Exploited Women – to the attractive female cosplayers who were either a) dumb enough to fall for this a-hole’s shtick, or b) vain/insecure enough to go along with it.
  • Zombies Are The New Black Award – zombie costumes outnumbered Storm Trooper costumes 2 to 1 this year.
  • Zombies Are The New Black Award, part 2 – goes to the female zombie who was completely in character, and extra special scary. So much so that she scarred the crap out of a 6 year old boy and sent him running and screaming to his dad.
  • Return of the Living Dead Award – goes to a fan who brought me a copy of my Zombies: Hunters #1 mini-series to sign. Not only did I not think anyone bought that book (heck, IDW cancelled it after issue #1), but I was pleasantly surprised to find out he had really enjoyed it and had been looking for the other non-existent issues.
  • The Stanislavsky award for Method Acting – goes to the man dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow, who never broke character—on OR off the show floor, even to the point of maintaining the swaggering, hysterical feyness throughout the Arena District night spots.
  • The Police Blotter “That’s Criminal” Award – goes to the fact that indie great Matt Wagner’s table was devoid of fans the few times I walked by. Seriously? Here’s a guy who created Grendel and Mage, wrote and drew mini-series for DC featuring Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, and has Vertigo titles under his belt, including Sandman Mystery Theater and the currently-running Madame Xanadu. I guess the kids are too busy reading Avengers: Scranton, PA.
  • Columbus’ Favorite Son…er, Daughter Award – goes to local Lora Innes, the talented cartoonist behind the historical fiction hit The Dreamer. She not only had a busy show, but was also featured in a 614 Magazine article, and on one of our local morning shows. Congrats, Lora!
  • Trying Our best to Dash Your Dreams Award – goes to the “Breaking into Comics” panel moderated by yours truly (Dara Naraghi) and featuring Sean McKeever, Bryan J. L. Glass, Marc Sumerak, and Khoi Pham. We talked about some of the ins and outs of the comics biz, answered questions, and offered some advice based on our own experiences. But mostly, we tried to paint a bleak picture of the industry, in the hopes of keeping some of these young upstarts from gunning after our jobs. (I keed, I keed!)
  • Big Lots Discount Store Award – goes to the return of not only 25 cent comic book boxes, but also 10 cent bins! Holy buyer’s market, Batman!
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